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May 12, 2006 02:37 PM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends,

See this:  

"As the first atomic bomb detonated above him, Tetsuhiko Uehiro was in the men's room of a of teenage workers."
"Feeling the shock and fear, he dove out the door, ducking and rolling  away from the blast as he had learned in judo. Waves of thermonuclear fire rolled over him, searing his outer garments; radioactive dust rained on his headand shoulders." 

Uehiro picked him up and began walking through horrific fires and devastation toward the next train station. (...) For the next four days he wandered through the radioactive rubble in his underwear, searching for anyone he knew,  offering what little aid he could."

This was August 1945, in Hiroshima. 
Uehiro survived the bomb immediate effects and the disease after it.  
He devoted his life to peace,  and founded a popular Association for Practical Ethics in Japan. 
He wrote "Practical Ethics for Our Time".  Practical Theosophy, indeed.  
That illustrates my idea that planetary citizens can, and must,  do something for the world peace and against nuclear proliferation/nuclear weapons. 

Best regards,  Carlos. 


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