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To Ken: Full Text of Vera's Reply to Solovyoff should be published.

May 12, 2006 08:57 AM
by danielhcaldwell

The Full Text of Vera's Reply to Solovyoff should be published.  


Ken, I answered some of your questions about Vera's reply

I am hoping now that the full text of
Vera's reply to Solovyoff can be published.

I don't think I have Caren E.'s current email address.
so Ken, I hope you can contact Caren about this matter.

I was also very serious that if I am giving permission to
publish this particular English translation of Vera's reply
I will publish it as a paperbound book or even in hardback.

If I am given a copy of the typescript, I could have the
book published and available to the public in about THREE months

Maybe you or Caren could write an introduction too!

Or maybe Point Loma Publications could publish the book!

Let me know what you think about this idea.


"...none but the logician, the investigator, the
dauntless explorer should meddle with books like this.
Such delvers after truth have the courage of their opinions."
H.P. Blavatsky

"...Contrast alone can enable us to appreciate things
at their right value; and unless a judge compares notes
and hears both sides he can hardly come to a correct decision."
H.P. Blavatsky


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