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Re: Theos-World Democracy & Censorship

May 11, 2006 11:28 AM
by Bill Meredith

carlosaveline wrote:

Thanks a lot.
Publishing libel is not being democratic.
Refusing people the opportunity to study the truth of libels for themselves is not brotherly. It is the process that you went through to be able to tell truth from falsehood that you now wish to deny with the best of intentions to your brothers. The libel is secondary. HPB is secondary to theosophy. It is the process of discerning right from wrong and truth from falsehood that we each must engage in individually. Daniel provides a great opportunity to study the creation of falsehood by publishing both the true and the false side of historical issues. Through the process of studying, comparing and contrasting between these different versions of history we learn to discern for ourselves the truth of these historical events. Carlos does not tell us what the truth is. Neither does the SPR. Nor does Daniel. Through our own self devised efforts, we sharpen our ability to perceive the truth of these historical events. With this honed skill, we then can sense the truth of present and future events as well.

Libels are crime in any democratic country.
So is driving too fast. Organized Religion should be a crime but it is not. The law is not a finished product.

Various kinds of Soloviofs, paid or not, have circulated libels especially AFTER HPB died, in order to avoid the legal democratic consequences of it (H.S. Olcott underlined that in his Old Diary Leaves).
You defending the liberty to slander reminds me North Korea and Iran defending the democratization of Nuclear Weapons.
You confusing the presentation of the historical documents surrounding a slander with the act of slander itself reminds me of Saddam Hussein calling his American and European prisoner/hostages, "guests" during the early 90's.

People who respect democracy should try to force the USA, UK, France etc. to reduce and abandon their own nuclear weapons -- instead of spreading those weapons everywhere.
People who respect democracy should speak their mind and encourage others to do the same. Democracy is an on-going process not a finished product.

Freedom of speach is one thing. Freedom of slander is no democratic principle.
The solution to a slanderous situation is via the courts. If you have a case, then file the paperwork and get on with it. Otherwise, you contribute to the continued repetition of the slander and libel by your constant and vociferous denial of its legitimacy. In such a case, you become your own worst enemy.

Can see the point?
I do see your point. Can you acknowledge that there are other points of view as well? Can you not see the long term benefit of being able to sift through the various points of view and nurture within oneself that innate ability to tell truth from falsehood? If so, why do you deny your brothers the opportunity to cut their intuitional teeth on the very same material as you? I reiterate, it is the process that matters -- not the individual players names and positions. The movement is a process not a collection of books and personalities.

Take care not to get too scholarly. Idries Shah wrote:

"Academicians are without understanding, and continue to wrangle long after their positions have been demolished." (1)

Carlos, could it be you who continues to wrangle long after your position has been demolished?

>From your friend, Carlos.
peace within,



(1) "Wisdom of the Idiots", Idries Shah, The Octagon Press, London, 180 pp., see p.37.


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Assunto:Re: Theos-World Carolos on "To Daniel on the False Dollars"

In a message dated 5/11/2006 12:27:02 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

And for the record I do not think ETS made a mistake at all in
reprinting the Coulomb pamphlet.

I wonder if Carlos has heard the word "censorhip" and has any idea how that idea sounds to our ears.

Chuck the Heretic

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