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BACK to Carlos' original point and my thinking about his point.

May 11, 2006 11:04 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You write;

The points you make below are irrelevant to the discussion.

I showed the ETS'  goals and practice are utterly different and 
directly opposed to yours.

The real point is that you are metaphorically circulating false 
dollars and poison among people. Aren't you?

But Carlos this is another argument but your original argument that I
was discussing was your argument about counterfeit bills and
medicines and poisons.  Remember that one?

And my reply was in part as follows:

Taking the examples you [Carlos] give . . . of circulating 
false dollar bills and delivering both medicines and poisons without
labeling them correctly, ...

isn't the Edmonton Theosophical Society by publishing the whole 
Coulomb book, aren't they also guilty of "circulating false dollar 
bills" and of delivering poisons without labelling them correctly?

YES or NO....

Also remember that nowhere in the Coulomb reprint is there a warning 
that what is written is false or poisonous.

Now Bruce's argument is that well only maybe 20 research libraries
got the Coulomb book, (that is, according to you , the false dollar
bills and the poison) but the question still remains:

HOW MANY inquirers and new students to Theosophy may encounter this 
Edmonton Theosophical Society reprint of the Coulomb book in one of 
these libraries?  

IF the Coulomb material is really poisonous (I'm here using your
example, Carlos) then it would seem to me that the Edmonton 
Theosophical Society is ALSO helping to circulate such counterfeit 
bills and such poisons to the patrons and library users at these 

That was my point, Carlos.  And you seem now to run away from this 
central point and bring up something else.

Please one point at a time.  


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