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Re: Theos-World The (O)SOPHY of JESUS

May 11, 2006 10:16 AM
by samblo

   Thanks for the post of the Gnostic Text. The "Mary" who asks the questions 
is Mary Magdelene. There is mention of "Sophia" (Wisdom) sometimes called 
"Pistis" (Faith - the direct first person perception of Gnosis without 
intermediary) this points to G. R. S. Mead's work "The Pistis Sophia" which adds more 
material having the "Questions and lamentations of Mary (Magdelene) and many 
other contents. Also the text mentions the "Great Invisible Spirit" which just 
happens to be another of the Four Works "The Book of the Great Invisible spirit" 
which are sisters to the Pistis Sophia. The Aeons Assembly and Life are 
correlate to the Aeons of the Gnosis of Valentinus and though pages are missing in 
the Savior Text Valentinus has a most beautiful Aeonology which includes 
Ecclesiatic ( Assembly) and Zoe (Life).
   There are certain works by the European Emile Amelineau pertinent to these 
works that he published but were never translated into English much less even 
seen here in America, since you are there in Europe you might have resource 
to find his translation works in the French of "The book of the Great Invisible 

   There are many most interesting correlation's found in the Gnostic texts 
of the Nag Hammadhi and other works such as "The Gnosis of the Light" that use 
terms (monad) (silence (Sige: Aeon) and others that fix her context much 
further back then Islam or medieval philosophers, the Gnostics in some cases were 
before Christian appearance i.e.; Mandaeans, Nazarens, Ebeonite. You might also 
Google "Lady E. S. Drower" for "The Secret Adam."


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