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Re: Theos-World Daniel and the Poison

May 11, 2006 10:02 AM
by Bill Meredith

Carlos, the truth is that false dollar bills are circulated everyday and everyday stupid people accept other people's assurance that a particular bill is true when in fact it is false. The way to tell the difference is to study the differences and then compare and contrast the counterfeit dollar with the real dollar. No thinking person will accept a dollar bill or a hundred dollar bill without examining it to see if it is real. To do this, one must be aware of how the counterfeiter creates fake bills. What are the differences in feel, look and smell, between the fake and real? Continued study will develop the intuition and make one somewhat of an expert on distinguishing the fake from the real. Some prefer to become their own expert, others prefer to let the banks and money lenders be the experts for them.

It is the same with medicine. Who would purchase and take a medicine that had the safety cap tampered with? Who would take a medicine that was an inconsistent color or smell or flavor from what one knows to be the true characteristics of the real medicine? Some prefer to know their own medicines while others prefer to blindly trust the physician and druggist to only give them the real medicine.

Do you understand what I am saying, Carlos? Your continued whining about what Daniel says and does with his life and his website is painful to watch. Consider instead building your own website or writing your own book.
Of course, you are free to do as you please, as is Daniel, as am I.

peace within,

carlosaveline wrote:
Daniel Caldwell,

You should make false dollar bills circulate, so that people have a chance to freely decide which are true, which are false.
In a drug store, your should deliver both medicines and poisons to people, without labeling them correctly, so that they have a chance to choose which one they like better.

Think about that.

Best regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline

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