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Carlos on False dollar bills & poisons and ETS reprint of the Coulomb pamphlet

May 11, 2006 09:32 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You write to me:

You should make false dollar bills circulate, so that people 
have a chance to freely decide which are true, which are false.

In a drug store, your should deliver both medicines and poisons 
to people, without labeling them correctly, so that they have 
a chance to choose which onethey like better.

Think about that.

Ok Carlos thinking about the above, the following has occurred
to me.

Now when you initially criticized my book and the TPH Wheaton
for publishing my book, I pointed out that the Edmonton Theosophical
Society actually reprinted the COMPLETE Coulomb book.

Now I believe Bruce said well maybe only 20 research libraries 
received copies of this reprint of the whole Coulomb text whereas 
apparently since my book would be circulated to a much larger 
audience, there was a difference.

If I have mistated his argument, I'm sure he will correct me.

Anyway, taking the examples you give above of circulating false 
dollar bills and delivering both medicines and poisons without 
labeling them correctly, isn't the Edmonton Theosophical Society by 
publishing the whole Coulomb book, aren't they also guilty 
of "circulating false dollar bills" and of delivering poisons 
without labelling them correctly? 

No where in the Coulomb reprint is there a warning that what is 
written is false or poisonous.

Now Bruce's argument is that well only maybe 20 research libraries 
got the Coulomb book, (that is, according to you , the false dollar 
bills and the poison) but the question still remains HOW MANY 
inquirers and new students to Theosophy may encounter this Edmonton 
Theosophical Society reprint of the Coulomb book in one of these 
libraries?  Is Bruce telling us that new students, inquirers never 
go to these libraries and use the material?  

IF the Coulomb material is really poisonous (I'm here using your 
example) then it would seem to me that the Edmonton Theosophical 
Society is also helping to circulate such counterfeit bills and such 
poisons to the patrons and library users at these institutions and 
furthermore there are no editorial remarks anywhere in this reprint 
warning readers that anything in the pamphlet might be "poisonous" 
or counterfeit.

Also following up your suggestion to think, IF I remember correctly
the Coulomb book was offered for sale in FOHAT magazine.  Again I do 
not remember any note in FOHAT warning that said book was 
counterfeit or poisonous, no warning at all as far as I remember. 
Apparently readers could just send the proper amount of money and 
they received a copy. Also as far as I can remember there was no 
note in FOHAT stating that inquirers and new students could NOT 
purchase this Coulomb volume.  So if only one inquirer or new 
student bought a copy and FOHAT magazine did not warn them that said 
volume contained false material, counterfeit, poisonous, etc., well, 
what conclusion could be drawn????  :) 

I'm sure Bruce will correct me if I'm wrong on any point in this 
FOHAT example..  

Anyway Carlos:



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