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Re: Theos-World Several good reasons for not accepting Coulomb'sand Hodgson's explanations

May 10, 2006 03:58 PM
by Bill Meredith

Very good.

Morten, I did a search for your competing website, but must have used the wrong search terms. I used "theosophical religion", "dogmatic thinker", "determined defender of HPB from slanderers, liarers, and scholarers", "hider of the truth about certain falsehoods", and a few others, but maybe I just missed it. I think you do have a website that I visited once before. Perhaps you and Carlos have not had much time to turn your web space into a truly competitive alternative to Daniel's dark hole in cyberspace. I'm sure yours would be one that offers all the good side of the movement and none of the controversial or false and evil side. After all if no one hears evil, see evil, or says evil, does evil really exist? Recently, you have tirelessly dedicated so much time and energy to critiquing Daniel's site and telling him what he should and should not put on his own site, that it is little wonder that your own site may have been somewhat neglected. I understand how you must feel. If that dugpa Daniel would only 'burn' and discard from public view whole sections of his web site -- all for the good of theosophy mind you -- then theosophy would be the better for it.

peace within,


M. Sufilight wrote:
Very good.
Now you just need to add the following extra info on each relevant page - or at least something similar:

Published by the Blavatsky Study Center
(A place supporting theosophical teachings)

M. Sufilight with a happy smile...

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Several good reasons for not accepting Coulomb's and Hodgson's



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