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Re: Theos-World Sufilight, Hitler and the U.N.

May 09, 2006 12:18 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

As to the positive side of World Goodwill/Arcane 
School,  I guess they got the long term importance 
of the United Nations.  They are helping the birth 
of a planetary citizenship.  Which is an essential 
task. Planetary citizenship is an aspect of 
universal brotherhood.

What a bulk of flapdoodle again. HPB favored no 
UNO, nor is the Arcane school's statement true, 
that the League of Nations was not able to prevent 
WWII. It was exact for that reason published to 
creat world wars. Nor did HPB promoted the Masonic 
or rather pseudo-masonic planetary citizenship. 
What a horror scenario, which did cost until now 
millions of millions of innocent people their 
Now that is clear what kind of "universal 
brotherhood" you promote. The difference between 
HPB's model of universal brotherhood and that of 
the Illuminati model of universal brotherhood that 
the first wants to make the nations stronger and 
spiritualize them, while the latter wants to 
destroy the nations, esp. those which are strong 
in spirit like Tibet in the East and Germany in 
the West.
Now as your position as pro conspiracy is quite 
clear, it is also clear (and what wer my first 
thoughts) what your position is in Theosophy and 
that you use the poor Judge for evil aims which 
Judge would not share. It seems you are the second 
Brigitte. Now also it is clear why all personal 
accusations you project on Daniel (being 
jesuitical, a slanderer, a liar etc.) must 
boomerang back to you.

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