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Carlos and his comments about "a low quality fiction novelist"

May 09, 2006 11:27 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos writes:

Soloviof was a low quality fiction novelist.

So he used some cheap literary techniques, combining facts and 
fiction to create a fancy character, that is, his own imaginary 
version of HPB, in order to gain some notoriety and some "support" 
perhaps financial -- in the wake of the missionary attacks against 
the movement.

This is the kind of author Daniel Calwell and John Algeo like  the 

I can only speak for myself but Carlos' comment that "this is 
the kind of author" that I "like the best" is total nonsense.
He has no idea what I "like the best".  

I assume Carlos has conjured up this vague thought form in his
own mind and actually believes it.  Maybe Carlos' own comments are 
best characterized here as fitting only for some "low quality 
fiction" novel!


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