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Solovyoff the "Novelist"

May 09, 2006 08:40 AM
by carlosaveline


Soloviof was a low quality fiction novelist.  

So he used some cheap literary techniques, combining facts and fiction to create a fancy character, that is, his own imaginary version of HPB, in order to gain some notoriety and some "support" perhaps financial -- in the wake of the missionary attacks against the movement. 

This is the kind of author Daniel Calwell and John Algeo like  the best.

Regards,  Carlos.


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Assunto:Theos-World Ken Small on The Value of Solovyoff's Book

> In two separate postings on Theos-Talk, Ken Small 
> makes comments on Solovyoff's book.
> I think Ken hits the nail on the head in his assessment.
> I also agree with Ken's assessment and that is why I still
> consider the Solovyoff volume as an important source of historical
> information although at the same time I believe Solovyoff turned
> against HPB and lied about her in the pages of this book.
> Certainly one must be cautious in accepting various parts of 
> Solovyoff's narrative as the gospel truth but to go to the other 
> extreme and throw it all away seems equally foolish. 
> The attentive reader of Solovyoff's book needs only go to the 
> appendix in the book which constitutes Vera's reply and compare what 
> she wrote with what Solovyoff wrote to see that there is more to the 
> story than what Solovyoff attempts to tell his readers.
> And I would also say that A MODERN PRIESTESS OF ISIS helps one to 
> understand many of HPB's letters in THE LETTERS OF H.P. BLAVATSKY TO 
> A.P. SINNETT and vice versa. H.P.B.'s comments help one to 
> understand better A MODERN PRIESTESS OF ISIS. 
> So anyway BELOW I post again excerpts from Ken's two "commentaries" 
> on the Solovyoff book:
> ---------------------------------------------
> SOLOVYOFF -This past January I noticed Slovyoff's 'Modern Priestess 
> of Isis' on the bookshelf and realizing that I had never read it or 
> even looked it over opened it.......and quite honestly I could not 
> put it down.
> Why ? because it is so incredibly interesting - as a critique of 
> HPB ? No, because so frequently the experiences that Solovyoff 
> presents overide his own criticisms , so much so that in many ways 
> not available anywhere else it actually could be considered a kind 
> of vindication. Certainly it needs much work and critical analysis 
> AND I would say with that it is a gold mine. By the time I finished 
> reading it I only wished that Leaf had translated the whole thing 
> into English. . . . 
> Read Solovyoff - it was almost an 'accident' that I even picked up "A
> Modern Piestess of Isis". I had always understood that it was a 
> fabricated 'evil slander' of HPB with no merit whatsoever and a 
> waste of time to read. 
> I opened the book and in a couple of pages realized that S. had had 
> genuine experiences of HPB and the Masters ! And had recorded it ! 
> Spectacular and unbelievable....that he rejected it and had to 
> rationalistically destroy it and also lie and twist and change 
> things made it even a more interesting study of someone given great 
> opportunity to awaken to the inner life who could not cross his 
> inner rationalistic barriers.
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