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Trying to Clarify Carlos' specific statement about Soloviof's book

May 09, 2006 08:31 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos, you originally wrote:

Why should anyone except a slanderer consider Soloviof a legitimate
source of historical information?

But -- why using Soloviof as a source if you are not a slanderer?

In your above statement, you specifically mentioned Soloviof.  This 
seems to me like a direct statement by you about HIS book and about 
the use of HIS book by a writer.

So Carlos from your latest email, are you saying that a writer
who uses Soloviof as a legitimate source for historical information 
is not necessarily a "slanderer"?

So if some writer (let us say Paul Johnson or John Algeo or ....) 
has a book which contains the following two quotes or similar 
quotes from Solovyoff's book, you would NOT consider the writer to 
be a "slanderer" although you initially wrote what is quoted at the 
beginning of this posting??

Quote One
In the latter part of 1877, H.P.B. told others that she was planning
to go to the East. She wrote to a Russian correspondent Mr. Aksakov:

"We have now a multitude of corresponding fellows in India, and are
proposing next year to set off for Ceylon and to settle there, as
headquarters of our society." (A Modern Priestess of Isis, p. 277.)


Quote 2
H.P.B. writes about her first book ISIS UNVEILED as follows:

"Well, my book has appeared at last.  My darling was born last
Saturday, September 29th, but a week ealier my publisher had sent
pre-publication copies to the editors of all the papers. I am
enclosing herewith the review in the New York Herald...."  (letter
by H.P.B. to N.A. Aksakov from V.S. Solovyov's A Modern Priestess of
Isis (London, 1895).



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