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Theosophy and Nazism

May 09, 2006 07:55 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Ken, Dear Friends, 

Thanks a lot for your message below. 

Yes.  Hitler, who had his connections among the occult enemies of Theosophy who live in the Himalayas, stole an ancient symbol, the svastika, which is present in the smbol of the Theosophical Movement. This sacred image is today seen as a symbol for hatred and violence.

Yet  we must remember that the two-triangles Star, also a powerful Eastern and esoteric symbol,  is at the very centre of the theosophical symbol -- and at the heart of Israel's national Flag. 

The theosohical symbol has in itself the expression of human drama, pain, ignorance -- and Eternal Wisdom. 

The Theosophical Movement has nothing in common  with mass-murderers like Hitler of Mussolini. 

Regards,  Carlos Cardoso Aveline



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> Carlos -
> thank you for this important information. This adds to some other 
> pieces that I have been putting together recently and much of this I 
> have not seen before. I feel it is extremely important to have clear 
> historical record regarding Theosophy and the events of WWII. You may 
> have noticed the letter by Purucker with some notes I added that Eldon 
> posted for his May issue.
> best wishes,
> Ken
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