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Re: Humor and 'Visions'

May 08, 2006 05:14 PM
by Vincent

So that was a joke then?

--- In, "dorjebeto@..." <dorjebeto@...> 
>  Ken-
> Please refer to post #32904.  I wrote of this very phenomenon barely
> a week ago.
> Frank et al - I am relieved that I am not alone (but I am envious 
as your
> experience appears to have been much more interesting...) but last 
> there were TWO, but one was ethereal, and the other seemed to 
simply be
> wearing a white sheet like a ghost costume at Halloween and was 
> NOT from Arizona so could not have been the BIG 'D'... it seemed to 
> either from the far north or far south...... ! but at least to 
> is NOT to be a puppet .... on another subject someone needs to tell 
> that at least it is true that Califronia fell into the ocean in the 
> and has been submerged ever since. (so it cannot fall in twice!) 
All the
> psychics at that time were correct - even Edgar Cayce... California 
> DEFINITELY UNDER WATER -- I live here I should know ! just look at 
the news
> out of California.....
> Ken  (ok friends this is likely the end of my silliness, so will 
check in
> next week with some sober theosophy again.......) and Vince I will 
> your sincere in interesting comments on astral experiences then.
> I suggest that you have projected a portion of your own self-
> originating dream material onto a supernatural experience.  It was
> not Daniel that you saw, but someone else.  I am not one to be
> enamored by these types of experiences or rumors of power, insofar 
> I have had many of them.  It is ideal that you see through these
> experiences, and place them in proper perspective.
> Blessings
> Vince
> >
> > I should say that since I have stopped writing responses to Theos-
> talk, my
> > hallucinations and the strange happenings that surrounded me, have
> > completely stopped !
> >
> >  Ken
> >
> > PS - Chuck does anyone laugh anymore ?
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