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Humor and 'Visions'

May 08, 2006 01:55 PM


Please refer to post #32904.  I wrote of this very phenomenon barely
a week ago.
Frank et al - I am relieved that I am not alone (but I am envious as your
experience appears to have been much more interesting...) but last night
there were TWO, but one was ethereal, and the other seemed to simply be
wearing a white sheet like a ghost costume at Halloween and was definitely
NOT from Arizona so could not have been the BIG 'D'... it seemed to be
either from the far north or far south...... ! but at least to masquerade
is NOT to be a puppet .... on another subject someone needs to tell Cass
that at least it is true that Califronia fell into the ocean in the 1970's
and has been submerged ever since. (so it cannot fall in twice!) All the
psychics at that time were correct - even Edgar Cayce... California is
DEFINITELY UNDER WATER -- I live here I should know ! just look at the news
out of California.....

Ken  (ok friends this is likely the end of my silliness, so will check in
next week with some sober theosophy again.......) and Vince I will address
your sincere in interesting comments on astral experiences then.

I suggest that you have projected a portion of your own self-
originating dream material onto a supernatural experience.  It was
not Daniel that you saw, but someone else.  I am not one to be
enamored by these types of experiences or rumors of power, insofar as
I have had many of them.  It is ideal that you see through these
experiences, and place them in proper perspective.



> I should say that since I have stopped writing responses to Theos-
talk, my
> hallucinations and the strange happenings that surrounded me, have
> completely stopped !
>  Ken
> PS - Chuck does anyone laugh anymore ?

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