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To Carlos on "Did Soloviof Get Payed?"

May 08, 2006 10:01 AM
by danielhcaldwell


Thanks for your comments and questions about Solovyoff which you
post at:

I have no information one way or the other concerning whether 
Solovyoff got paid by the Vatican or by anyone else to write 
his "expose" of HPB.  Do you?

Whether he got paid or was paid nothing, does not alter my 
assessment that he turned against HPB and then wrote a book in which 
he told lies about H.P.B.

See also what Michael Gomes wrote about Solovyoff:

Although he LATER claimed that he was playing the role
of the docile inquirer, Solovyov's name appears in
a number of letters to the press [in 1884 for example]
testifying to the VALIDITY of Theosophical phenomena.

The publication of Richard Hodgson's damning report of H.P.B.
in the December 1885 Proceedings of the Society for
Psychical Research, and the attendant ridicule it brought
to the adherents of Theosophy, must have caused him to RECONSIDER
his position, for HIS ATTITUDE toward her RADICALLY CHANGED. . . .
Caps added.  Quoted from Gomes' Introduction to Beatrice Hastings'

HIS ATTITUDE toward her RADICALLY CHANGED.  That is the key idea I 


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