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Barry Thompson On Gomes' Book

May 08, 2006 06:59 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends in Theos-talk,  

For many years, the National Section of the Adyar TS in England  has had a deep respect for the main founder of the theosophical movement. 

Their magazine "Insight" published an article by Barry Thompson in its Autumn 2005 edition, commenting the 2005 book by Michael Gomes on the "Coulomb Case".

In it, Barry clearly supports the facts and the truth. He writes:

"Over one hundred years after these events, and despite authoritative rebuttals of the credibility of the Coulombs and of the reliability of the SPR report, these events are still used to discredit both Madame Blavatsky as a person and the philosophy she brought to a wider world." (1) 
There was no need for Barry to give the names of those who "still use" the SPR report's stuff. 

Everyone  knows that .

My congratulations to Barry. 
Best regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline, from Brazil  

(1) "Insight" Magazine, the journal of the Theosophical Society in England, Autumn 2005, see pp. 28-29. 

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