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Re: Theos-World DREAM !-Daniel and Solovyoff have merged their power.....

May 08, 2006 00:49 AM
by Cass Silva

I am trying to locate where 65 degrees north is on the world atlas, can anyone help out.  2012 indications are that everything above 65 degrees north will be submerged!  Seems that the Southern Hemisphere is relatively safe


Frank Reitemeyer <> wrote: Gosh! This co-incidence is strange!
In the night I saw Daniel - or at least his astral 
body - walking thru Berlin!
He admitted to me that Carlos is right, that years 
before he took a secret vow to the Jesuits, but I 
must not speak about it, to prevent bad karma!
He assured to me that the Hierarchy works hard as 
ever and all will end in the good.
Daniel also ordered me to burn all theosophical 
books - it is the Master's wish.
The more theosophical books are being destroyed 
the more harmony will come among the members of 
the different groups.
In the first minutes I was scepctical, but his 
logic convinced me, because the same I heard 
sometimes at the local Adyar meetings, too.
We theosophists must work for the evil, because 
only the evil can create the good.
This world is maya and we don't see the reality. 
The much evil we do, the more the Masters are 
satisfied with us.
Before Daniel disappeared suddenly, leaving me in 
a cold atmosphere, He gave me a matchbox and 
explained to me that only one but is allowed from 
the Hierarchy to survive the next centuries: The 
Theosophical Movement, because He himself has 
written this theosophical history, therefore no 
mistakes can be found therein, and in the near 
future when all theosophical archives in world hav 
been burnt by His devoted chelas, the Choco Han 
Himself will appear before the world, will be 
crowned by the harmonized theosophists as Emperor 
of the World in Jerusalem.
Together with He-Man they will rule the Universe.
"Bye, bye", Daniel said to me, "o, how much would 
I like to stay longer in Berlin, but I am in a 
hurry and must leave you, my dear. I have to go to 
Turlock, San Diego, Altadena, Chennai and some 
other places unknown to you to finish my work!"

I looked at the moon, still shining bright into my 
bed-room. Suddenly I was afraid: Was is true what 
just happened? Or not? But Daniel was wise, He 
left as a proof a big torch before my bed.

I am proud now that He trusts me so much and that 
I have now superior knowledge - just before the 
end of the world in 2012!

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Sent: Monday, May 08, 2006 2:50 AM
Subject: Theos-World DREAM !-Daniel and Solovyoff 
have merged their power.....

WARNING EVERYONE: Daniel and Solovyoff have MERGED 

But this is what happened to me:

Tired by the journey, I lay peacefully sleeping 
when suddenly I was
awakened by the sensation of a warm penetrating 
breath. I open my
eyes and in this feeble light that entered the 
room through the
three windows, I see before me a tall figure of a 
man, dressed in a
long white floating garment. At the same time I 
heard or felt a
voice that told me, in I know not what language, 
although I
understood perfectly, to light the candle. I 
should explain that,
far from being afraid, I remained quite tranquil, 
only I felt my
heart beat rapidly. I lit the candle, and in 
lighting it, saw by my
watch that it was two o'clock. The vision did not 
dissappear. He sat down
near me on a chair and began to speak -- IT WAS 
DANIEL ! He talked
for a long time. Among other things, he told me 
that I was a mere puppet
and that in order to be fit to see him in his 
astral body I had had to
undergo much
preparation which had been accomplished by 
listening to endless
argumentation on Theos-talk. HE explained that the 
last lesson had been
given me that morning was
when I had  been mesmerized by reading over the 
interchange between he and
Carlos. HE admitted in fact that all the 
participants on Theos-talk were
his puppets -- except for Chuck the Heretic whom 
he had yet to break and
seduce into the endless and useless debate...   I 
saw, with closed eyes,
the landscapes and threads of force emanating from 
Arizona reaching out
attached to my fingers making me type things I 
didn't believe on my
keyboard.... Then he said that I possess great 
power, now being developed. I asked him what I 
ought to do with this
force. But without answering, he vanished.

I was alone, the door of my room locked. I thought 
I had had a
hallucination and even told myself with fright 
that I was beginning
to lose my mind. Hardly had this idea arisen when 
once again I saw Daniel
in white robes. He shook his head and, smiling, 
to me, "Be sure that I am no hallucination and 
that your reason is
not quitting you." Then he disappeared. I saw by 
watch that it was three o'clock. I put out the 
candle and
immediately went into a deep sleep.

I should say that since I have stopped writing 
responses to Theos-talk, my
hallucinations and the strange happenings that 
surrounded me, have
completely stopped !


PS - Chuck does anyone laugh anymore ?

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