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DREAM !-Daniel and Solovyoff have merged their power.....

May 07, 2006 05:50 PM


But this is what happened to me:

Tired by the journey, I lay peacefully sleeping when suddenly I was
awakened by the sensation of a warm penetrating breath. I open my
eyes and in this feeble light that entered the room through the
three windows, I see before me a tall figure of a man, dressed in a
long white floating garment. At the same time I heard or felt a
voice that told me, in I know not what language, although I
understood perfectly, to light the candle. I should explain that,
far from being afraid, I remained quite tranquil, only I felt my
heart beat rapidly. I lit the candle, and in lighting it, saw by my
watch that it was two o'clock. The vision did not dissappear. He sat down
near me on a chair and began to speak -- IT WAS DANIEL ! He talked
for a long time. Among other things, he told me that I was a mere puppet
and that in order to be fit to see him in his astral body I had had to
undergo much
preparation which had been accomplished by listening to endless
argumentation on Theos-talk. HE explained that the last lesson had been
given me that morning was
when I had  been mesmerized by reading over the interchange between he and
Carlos. HE admitted in fact that all the participants on Theos-talk were
his puppets -- except for Chuck the Heretic whom he had yet to break and
seduce into the endless and useless debate...   I saw, with closed eyes,
the landscapes and threads of force emanating from Arizona reaching out
attached to my fingers making me type things I didn't believe on my
keyboard.... Then he said that I possess great magnetic
power, now being developed. I asked him what I ought to do with this
force. But without answering, he vanished.

I was alone, the door of my room locked. I thought I had had a
hallucination and even told myself with fright that I was beginning
to lose my mind. Hardly had this idea arisen when once again I saw Daniel
in white robes. He shook his head and, smiling, said
to me, "Be sure that I am no hallucination and that your reason is
not quitting you." Then he disappeared. I saw by my
watch that it was three o'clock. I put out the candle and
immediately went into a deep sleep.

I should say that since I have stopped writing responses to Theos-talk, my
hallucinations and the strange happenings that surrounded me, have
completely stopped !

PS - Chuck does anyone laugh anymore ?

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