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MKR, Organizations and Independence

May 07, 2006 08:21 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear MKR, Dear Friends, 

I agree with much of what MKR said, see  below. 

I add that the facts he describes do not mean that organizations are useless.   Organizations can only reflect what people are: some manipulative, some naive or tending to blind belief. 

As people evolve, so evolve organizations, and family life, and friendship relationships, and internet lists, and so on. 

In an attempt to get suddently rid of all organizations, J. Krishnamurti said they are completely useless. But he did not have much success. His own Krishnasmurti Foundations were and are  one-man shows,  as they work solely with his own books and tapes. 

There can be no social life without some form of organization. 

Yet if we gradually liberate ourselves, our organizations will improve. 

Regards,  Carlos.


Data:Sat, 6 May 2006 12:23:57 -0500

Assunto:Theos-World Organizations and Independence ?

> All organizations adopt subtle techniques to make those who deal with them
> to comply with the organizational policies and politics (these are in many
> cases intertwined). Organizations make people comply by sponsoring them for
> speaking engagements, writing engagements, publishing engagements, as well
> as offering "compensated or uncompensated positions or titles" - appointed
> or elected (election machines in many of them or one way or other directly
> or indirectly controlled - even in the so called democratic processes). In
> some cases some believe in the fear of bad effect s in future lives in not
> toeing the party line, especially when the party line is claimed to
> originate from on high or from higher spheres. In other cases, indirect
> influence is also possible when positions in directly or indirectly related
> or associated or parallel activities can be influence by those in the
> organizational leaderships. So always one needs to be alert to possible
> biases when one reads any publications, pronouncements, postings, blogs etc
> etc.. Keeping this in mind will keep our objectivity as best as it can.
> My 0.02
> mkr
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