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Similarity of viewpoints

May 07, 2006 07:41 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear  Ken,

I still think that your ideas posted here seem to have much in common with both Daniel Caldwell and Vsevolod Soloviof.   

Best regards,  Carlos.


Data:Sun, 7 May 2006 01:55:16 -0400

Assunto:Theos-World humor anyone ?

> Carlos -
> Today a very beautiful day in San Diego, sun wind a few clouds, spring
> weather, wild flowers !...a couple of good friends Mario and Tracey were
> married today at the Theosophical Community at Madre Grande with about 50
> friends and relations attending and John Drais giving a very beautiful
> simple marriage ceremony - a really tranquil, pleasant afternoon and
> evening - spacious, open and loving group experience ! (though John of
> course presented in the wedding ceremony the need for the daily practice of
> taking the relationship into the Path)
> Really you have I think unusual (reverse?) intuition, in a way, because I
> cannot stop laughing with your comparing me as similar to Daniel....... Oh
> my goodness I think I may have nightmares wondering whether I am like
> Daniel..... In truth my favorite person posting on this site is 'Chuck the
> Heretic'.... what do you think Chuck am I like Daniel ? (I need feedback as
> I may develop a complex over this.)Carlos, please realize it is a real
> stretch of how my mind works to engage in the 'holy quaternities'
> discussion (yourself, Daniel, Frank and Bruce)but I hope some benefit may
> come of it..... In general I am very suspect of investing extraordinary
> amounts of time and energy IN THE PAST, a past quite dead and
> gone........(though useful in the 'projections' it holds...and may I
> suggest ONLY so !?!) Afterall, it is over, done, finished ! My hope in
> entering this website is to be able to engage with some Theosophists in an
> interchange and discussion on the inner life - themes found in 'The Voice
> of the Silence' - inner transformation, meditation, paramitas, the arising
> of bodhicitta, tong len, self-other emptiness understandings etc. So now at
> 10:30 pm I will spend a few minutes on 'history', but this afternoon (or
> any afternoon)the Spring walk with friends wins for sure ! and really I
> still find being compared as similar to Daniel as somehow extremely
> funny...(no offense Daniel....)
> Ken 
> PS - Read Solovyoff - it was almost an 'accident' that I even picked up "A
> Modern Piestess of Isis". I had always understood that it was a fabricated
> 'evil slander' of HPB with no merit whatsoever and a waste of time to read.
> I opened the book and in a couple of pages realized that S. had had genuine
> experiences of HPB and the Masters ! And had recorded it ! Spectacular and
> unbelievable....that he rejected it and had to rationalistically destroy it
> and also lie and twist and change things made it even a more interesting
> study of someone given great opportunity to awaken to the inner life who
> could not cross his inner rationalistic barriers.
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