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Frank, Researchers & Their Sources

May 07, 2006 07:32 AM
by carlosaveline


1) On Point Loma/Pasadena, I am not "forbidding" information. I am saying Daniel's policiy of exaggerating diferences among theosophical groups and sowing dissention is not something I am willing to give legitimacy to. 

2) Again, you fail to recognize that no true researcher can go around just repeating things he himself admits are false and slanderous. 

Kind regards,  Carlos.


Data:Sun, 7 May 2006 14:48:16 +0200

Assunto:Re: Theos-World To Frank on Searching for Truth

> Carlos:
> 1) If Daniel has such a need to circulate 
> Soloviof's slanders, which he calls
> "testimonies", he, either thinks they are true, 
> oir must confess he is a slanderer himself, don't 
> you think?
> Frank:
> Soloviof was an eye-witnesses on HPB's phenomena, 
> so I would say that naming his statements 
> "testimony" is the proper term. Which other term 
> would you prefer?
> I do not think that Daniel thinks the Soloviof 
> testimonies to be true. I have not found any 
> evidence for your slander.
> Carlos:
> 2) On Point Loma's succession, I think you will 
> understand that, as I consider this a serious 
> subject, and as I have a sincere respect and 
> gratitude for the many and dominant positive 
> aspects of Point Loma/Pasadena TS, I will decline 
> the invitation to discuss it in the absence of 
> some solid common ground. Besides that, I also 
> would underline the need for proper information, 
> for considering the whole historical context. etc. 
> I hope you will understand taking single facts out 
> of their context is not helpful for truth. As an 
> independent student, I am interested in seeing the 
> movement as a whole, and to stimulate the positive 
> aspects I see in the Pasadena TS, and other 
> groups. I believe that, at the inner level of 
> reality, all sincere students belong to the same 
> magnetic field, regardless of their affiliation to 
> this or that group/institution. Getting rid of 
> fancies (CWL) and slanders (Soloviof etc) is part 
> of the job of searching for truth. I hope that 
> helps.
> I see. When it comes to a historical point where 
> the facts are pro Point Loma and against ULT then 
> you say: see the whole, not single facts out of 
> context.
> It occurs to me as if you have a double moral 
> standard and that is all what I think is important 
> for Daniel: That you either allow information when 
> it is positive to your agenda, but forbid 
> information when ULT or Crosbie don't look super 
> human anymore, but very human.
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