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Re: Theos-World To Frank on Searching for Truth

May 07, 2006 05:49 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer


1) If Daniel has such a need to circulate 
Soloviof's slanders, which he calls
"testimonies", he, either thinks they are true, 
oir must confess he is a slanderer himself, don't 
you think?

Soloviof was an eye-witnesses on HPB's phenomena, 
so I would say that naming his statements 
"testimony" is the proper term. Which other term 
would you prefer?
I do not think that Daniel thinks the Soloviof 
testimonies to be true. I have not found any 
evidence for your slander.

2) On Point Loma's succession,  I think you will 
understand that, as I consider this a serious 
subject, and as I have a sincere respect and 
gratitude for the many and dominant positive 
aspects of Point Loma/Pasadena TS, I will decline 
the invitation to discuss it in the absence of 
some solid common ground. Besides that, I also 
would underline the need for proper information, 
for considering the whole historical context. etc. 
I hope you will understand taking single facts out 
of their context is not helpful for truth. As an 
independent student, I am interested in seeing the 
movement as a whole, and to stimulate the positive 
aspects I see in the Pasadena TS, and other 
groups.  I believe that, at the inner level of 
reality, all sincere students belong to the same 
magnetic field, regardless of their affiliation to 
this or that group/institution.  Getting rid of 
fancies (CWL) and slanders (Soloviof etc) is part 
of the job of searching for truth.  I hope that 

I see. When it comes to a historical point where 
the facts are pro Point Loma and against ULT then 
you say: see the whole, not single facts out of 
It occurs to me as if you have a double moral 
standard and that is all what I think is important 
for Daniel: That you either allow information when 
it is positive to your agenda, but forbid 
information when ULT or Crosbie don't look super 
human anymore, but very human.

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