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humor anyone ?

May 06, 2006 10:55 PM

Carlos -
Today a very beautiful day in San Diego, sun wind a few clouds, spring
weather, wild flowers !...a couple of good friends Mario and Tracey were
married today at the Theosophical Community at Madre Grande with about 50
friends and relations attending and John Drais giving a very beautiful
simple marriage ceremony - a really tranquil, pleasant afternoon and
evening - spacious, open and loving group experience ! (though John of
course presented in the wedding ceremony the need for the daily practice of
taking the relationship into the Path)

Really you have I think unusual (reverse?) intuition, in a way, because I
cannot stop laughing with your comparing me as similar to Daniel.......  Oh
my goodness I think I may have nightmares wondering whether I am like
Daniel..... In truth my favorite person posting on this site is 'Chuck the
Heretic'.... what do you think Chuck am I like Daniel ? (I need feedback as
I may develop a complex over this.)Carlos, please realize it is a real
stretch of how my mind works to engage in the 'holy quaternities'
discussion (yourself, Daniel, Frank and Bruce)but I hope some benefit may
come of it..... In general I am very suspect of investing extraordinary
amounts of time and energy IN THE PAST, a past quite dead and
gone........(though useful in the 'projections' it holds...and may I
suggest ONLY so !?!) Afterall, it is over, done, finished ! My hope in
entering this website is to be able to engage with some Theosophists in an
interchange and discussion on the inner life - themes found in 'The Voice
of the Silence' - inner transformation, meditation, paramitas, the arising
of bodhicitta, tong len, self-other emptiness understandings etc. So now at
10:30 pm I will spend a few minutes on 'history', but this afternoon (or
any afternoon)the Spring walk with friends wins for sure ! and really I
still find being compared as similar to Daniel as somehow extremely
funny...(no offense Daniel....)


PS - Read Solovyoff - it was almost an 'accident' that I even picked up "A
Modern Piestess of Isis". I had always understood that it was a fabricated
'evil slander' of HPB with no merit whatsoever and a waste of time to read.
I opened the book and in a couple of pages realized that S. had had genuine
experiences of HPB and the Masters ! And had recorded it ! Spectacular and
unbelievable....that he rejected it and had to rationalistically destroy it
and also lie and twist and change things made it even a more interesting
study of someone given great opportunity to awaken to the inner life who
could not cross his inner rationalistic barriers.

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