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More about Solovyoff's Testimony about Master Morya

May 06, 2006 02:26 PM
by danielhcaldwell

In the First S.P.R. Report on Theosophical
Phenomena, the S.P.R. committee wrote:


The witnesses to apparitions of Mahatma M. are: --- 

Colonel Olcott, App. I., XIII., XIV., XV., XVIII. 
Mr. Damodar, App. XIII., XIV. 
Mr. Ramaswamier, App. XIV. 
Mr. Mohini and others, App. II. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Scott and others, App. XIV. 
Mrs. Gebhard, App. XXXIX. 
Mr. Solovioff, App. XXXVIII.

Unfortunately, we think that in none of the cases described in 
detail, the possibility that what the witnesses saw was the real man 
or some one personating him, is completely excluded, except in 
Madame Gebhard's and Mr. Solovioff's.  

The evidence of this latter gentleman is among the most important 
which lies before us.  Mr. Wsevolod Solovioff, Page of Honour to the 
Czar and son of the tutor of the late Czar, is a Russian author of 
high repute.  In his case, as in that of Mrs. X., there was no 
previous inclination to mysticism, nor acquaintance with Eastern 
modes of thought.  Phenomena personal to himself have directed him 
to the Theosophic group, into which he had not definitely entered 
until the occurrence narrated in Appendix XXXVIII.  

The corroborative hallucination is here complete and prolonged, and 
confirmed as it is by the evidence of another person, whom we will 
call Madlle. A. [Miss de Glinka] it is peculiarly difficult to 
explain by a mere accidental coincidence of morbid fancies. 

The lady whom we have designed as Madlle. A. [Miss de Glinka] has 
given to one of us an account entirely confirmatory of M. 
Solovioff's, and adding other matter.  But she does not wish to give 
written evidence at present.


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