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Cultivating the abnormal faculties, of clairvoyance and the like?

May 06, 2006 12:06 PM
by M. Sufilight

Hallo all,

My views are:

This one aught to make TS Adyar rethink their positions.

In the "Path" for August, 1886, Mr. Judge, knowing well the tangential activities of Professor Coues, Mrs. Cables and others, and their inevitable outcome, published in the section, "Reviews and Notes", an article, Theosophy in the Press, in which, after noting the sudden appearance within a few months of many articles in the daily papers "full of misstatements mixed with ignorance of ... Theosophy," he goes on to say: 

"But some Theosophists have been guilty of ventilating in the papers the statement that Theosophy is astralism, that is to say, that the object of the Society is to induce people to go into the study and practice of spirit raising, cultivating the abnormal faculties, of clairvoyance and the like, ignoring entirely the prime object, real end, aim and raison d'Ítre of the movement -- universal brotherhood and ethical teaching. In fact, we make bold to assert, from our own knowledge and from written documents, that the Mahatmas, who started the Society, and who stand behind it now, are distinctly opposed to making prominent these phenomenal leanings, this hunting after clairvoyance and astral bodies, and they have so declared most unmistakably, stating their wish and advice to be, that 'the Society should prosper on its ethical, philosophical and moral worth alone.' 

"Theosophists should haste to see that this false impression created at large, that it is a dangerous study, or that it is any way dangerous, or that we conceal our reasons for doing what we are doing, is done away with... If one or two persons in the Society imagine that the pursuit of psychical phenomena is its real end and aim and so declare, that weighs nothing against the immense body of the membership or against its widespread literature; it is merely their individual bias. 

"But at the same time, this imagination and misstatement are dangerous, and insidiously so. It is just the impression which the Jesuit college desires to be spread abroad concerning us, so that in one place ridicule may follow, and in another superstitious dread of the thing; which ever of these may happen to obtain, they would be equally well pleased. 

"Let Theosophists attend to this, and let them not forget, that the only authoritative statements of what are the ends and objects of the Society are contained in those printed in its by-laws. No amount of assertion to the contrary by any officer or member can change that declaration." 


M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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