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The "Cyclic Model of the Universe" and Blavatsky

May 06, 2006 12:00 PM
by chandrasekaryas

Dear friends, 

"We propose a cosmological model in which the universe undergoes an 
endless sequence of cosmic epochs that begin with a "bang" and end 
in a "crunch." Temperature and density at the transition remain 
finite. Instead of having an inflationary epoch, each cycle includes 
a period of slow accelerated expansion (as recently observed) 
followed by contraction that produces the homogeneity, flatness, and 
energy needed to begin the next cycle". (1)

"Manvantara implying here... a period of activity, as opposed to 

"THE DAYS AND NIGHTS OF BRAHMA. THIS is the name given to the 
Periods called MANVANTARA (Manuantara, or between the Manus) and 
PRALAYA (Dissolution); one referring to the active periods of the 
Universe, the other to its times of relative and complete restó
according to whether they occur at the end of a "Day," or an "Age" 
(a life) of Brahm‚".(3)

"Modern science is our best ally".(4)

(1) Steinhardt PJ, Neil T. A Cyclic Model of the Universe. Science 
2006, 5572 (296), 1436-9. [Abstract]

(2) Blavatsky HP. Mah‚ Manyantara. Theosophical Glossary, 200p.

(3) Blavatsky HP. Secret Doctrine. I, 2, VII, 368p.

(4) The Mahatma Letters. Letter no. 65.

Best regards,

Chan, from Brazil.

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