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Re: Theos-World Thank you Jerry, Ken and Frank for all your replies

May 06, 2006 04:45 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Daniel, Jerry and Ken,
my general view ever was that although the various
theosophical traditions and lineages have created
their own soul and each its own level of the
unfoldment of consciousness and often contradict
each other, they all have something in common -
and that is the first leader - HPB.

Furthermore, the ULT, who sticks on HPB and Judge
and allows no esoteric development, is from a
general view not more far away from HPB as for
example the Steiner lineage within the broad
worldwide theosophical movement. Crosbie,
Hartmann, Dunlop etc. would have been much
satisfied would KT as the motor of the Theos.
Movement not taken steps in 1897 to uplift the TM
and would have played ostrich, looking at the TM
merely as a museum, merely a book reading club, a
kind of masonry charity and dinner party,
promoting only exhibitions of the past and fight
against any new and any higher intellectual and
spiritual endeavors.

KT obviously decided not to go the easy way, for
herself and for those who have trusted her. She
had to accept and regretted that many former close
co-workers did not understand her high motive for
all mankind and left her. As so many did also with
HPB and Judge. But in the long run she is
justified. Without the brave KT we most likely
would not have new teachings today, no Mahatma
Letters, no Blavatsky Collected Writings, and
probably without her martyr task there would have
not created enough good karma to allow the fourth
leader von Purucker to work the way he did for the
benefit of many centuries to come.

>From my perspective the Jesuits had not complete
success at all. KT saved as much as possible and
retrievaled as much as possible out of the
decimeted lay pupils to reach her goal: To uplift
mankind. Most pupils from HPB's London days moved 
to her to Point Loma.

The Masters of Compassion and Peace do not stick
on ideologies and self-styled fancies and have no
interest to know which sectarians claim a closer
touch to HPB. It is nonsense to claim to be the
most loyal ones to HPB and Judge when from their
actions the thinking part of the theosophists can
see, that sometimes they do just the opposite as
HPB and Judge taught.

ULT is not closer to HPB as Adyar. Each lineage
has preserved a little truth as no single group
end of the 19th century was able to shoulder the
complete truth of the higher ones. So each lineage
has a fragment of the truth, but no group the 
truth for itsself. From that follows the rationale
for co-operation and brotherly sympathy from each
group to each other group. Only together they will
create a win-win situation. Each group fighting
dogmatic against each other group will create a
loose-loose situation.

Publishing historcial documents and ask serious 
questions on it is not slander, lie etc.
To me it is a theosophical duty and those 
theosophists who have access to certain documents 
the theosophical and general public asks for and 
they suppress it, to not follow theosophical 

If theosophists of all groups would lay all their
documents they owe on one table and carefully
examine it, they would come to new insight and
closer to - HPB. Then all would have enough free
energy to fight against the monster of materialism
which recently destroys the souls and the nations
of the West and the world.
That would be real theosophical work - before it's
too late.

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Thank you Jerry, Ken and Frank for all your
concerning unpublished Judge Case material and
other questions about ULT and Crosbie.

More later.


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