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May 04, 2006 12:17 PM

Daniel -

The Point Loma archives does not contain any unqiue or unpublished
documents on the Judge case. All the rare pamphlets regarding the Judge
case we have are now readily available. (Pelltier's book, your website
etc.) There are a few unpublished Judge letters, but as I remeber they are
mostly business letters and have no significant content historically. The
very important correspondence between Olcott and Judge is split between
Adyar and Pasadena, with Adyar having the Judge half and Pasadena having
the Olcott half (though it is possible Pasadena has both parts as Judge
would sometimes make a copy of his letters). I believe at one point Joy
Mills attempted to negotiate both parts being published, and (curiously)
Adyar agreed IF Pasadena would publish their half, but they declined... It
is 'sensitive' material as Olcott was Judge's lawyer in his divorce
proceeding and the correspondence covers that period. Pasadena may have
some other Judge letters not yet published, but also may not at all, as a
geat deal of archive material, including Judge letters, were published in
'The Theosophical Forum' during the 1930's. Perhaps the new 'TS Pasadena
Leader' will be amenable to publishing some of these important historical


Theosophical Archives & the Judge Case

It is a good idea to ask the T.S. Adyar to make available from
its archives all the historical documents relating to the Judge
Case, but I would imagine it would be a good idea to ask all the
existing Theosophical archives to make available their historical
documents as they relate to the Judge Case.

There are possibly very valuable unpublished documents in the
Pasadena TS Archives that would help
independent researchers trying to understand
the pros and cons of the Judge Case.

For example, are there copies of letters
that Judge sent to Olcott, Besant, Chakravarti, etc. etc.?

What about the letters written to Judge
from Besant, Olcott, Chakravarti, and other
relevant players in this theosophical drama?

What about Judge's diaries including a possible 1884 diary
covering the period when Judge was in India?

Or possibly unpublished notes, etc. from Judge
defending and describing how he acted as
a transmitter of letters from the Mahatmas.

There may be other documents which would in effect
help to throw light on the various charges in the Judge

Other Mahatma letters relevant to the Judge

Also letters of Elliott Coues, Judge, and HPB concerning the
issue of Judge allegedly sending Mahatma Letters to Coues
in 1887/1888.

I also wonder what other unpublished documents relevant to
the Judge case are in other Theosophical archives, such as the
archives of the ULT Los Angeles and New York, the H.P.B. Library
in Canada, the Alexandria West archives, the Point Loma Publications
archives, etc.?

Daniel Caldwell 

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