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Re: Theos-World HPB-Visions

May 03, 2006 02:52 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


Now this is a great quote and it really makes sense, because vipassana (and soto) disciplines begin with getting in touch with one's senses while any kind of agitation draws one away from them and into the imagination. As I previously mentioned, people who reported visions of talking Masters (or guardian angels) also say that they were in a state of agitation or despair.
I suspect that something of this nature was also going on with CWL--that his visions were created by some kind of wish fulfilling directive coming from himself. Notice that his Masters live according to and reflect the values of a nineteenth century British monarchist. Most interesting were the Master's instructions concerning Krishnamurti's training--that K should part his hair in the middle and that he should be taught to eat with forks and spoons like "civilized" people.
Regarding the SD, HPB warned about over intellectualizing the teachings--that they were meant to be taken with a dose of metaphor. It seems that some of the most serious confusion comes from ignoring this advice.

It just goes to show that any state that draws away from the Buddha nature just leads to another dark passageway inhabited by denizens native to them.
Jerry wrote:

Jerry -

the following quote from HPB adds insight and direction to the 'Visions'.
problem. She clearly links up in her own inner process her visionary
capacity with 'the pure reason'. In Buddhist terms she is exercising a
state of advanced 'higher insight' or Vipasana, which is always linked in
process with Shamatha or 'absorbtion' states. A current Tibetan teacher,
Thrangu Rinpoche, who is both a great scholar and practicioner, stated once
that all of Buddhist teachings are either Shamatha or Vipasana
derived....... It would be a great (and not easy) exercise to look at the
Secret Doctrine this way....AND clearly HPB's statement below give us the
same insight:

"Knowledge came in visions, first in dreams, then in pictures presented to
the inner eye during meditation. This have I been taught the whole system
of evolution, the laws of beng and all else that I know, the mysteries of
life and death and working of karma. Not a word was spoken to me of all
this in the ordinary way, except perhaps, by way of confirmation of what
was thus given me, nothing taught me in writing. And the knowledge so
obtained is so dear, so convincing, so indelible in the impression it makes
upon the mind, that all other sources of information, all other methods of
teaching with which we are familiar dwindle into insignificance in
comparison with this. One of the reasons why I hesitate to answer off hand
some questions put to me is the difficulty of expressing in sufficinetly
accurate language things given me in pictures and comprehended by the pure
reason as Kant would call it." BCW 13 p. 285

A couple of years ago a visiting Tibetan Lama was both amused and perplexed
with his mostly Vietnamese students often experiencing the 'Deities' in
Vajrayana used as a meditational object e.g. Buddha, Maitreya, Tara, etc.
would sometimes TALK back to the student and move etc. The Lama found it
odd and somewhat amusing and politely told them they were not meditating
properly and that the 'Deities' were not speaking to them ! -- a product of
increased prana in the energy channels and unstable mental focus. In
Theosophical writing there is also E.L.Gardners pamphlet "There is No
Religion Higher than Truth" where he attributes Leadbeaters psychic visions
to 'unconscious kriyashakti'. A rather kind statement, but describes the
same imbalance.


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