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For Carlos & Other readers: Did H.P.B. write this letter to Judge in May 1885?

May 03, 2006 11:43 AM
by danielhcaldwell

For Carlos & Other readers:  Did H.P.B. write the following letter 
to Judge in 1885? or is this a forgery too?

I give only portions of letter.

Compare the below (HPB to WQJ) to what HPB wrote to Solovyoff in May 
1885 (that I previously quoted).



My Dear Judge,

... To begin with: if I did not write to you (or Olcott either) it 
is not because, as you satirically remark in your letter to him 
[Hartmann] , of Feb. 25th — (which he received at Naples and gave to 
me, I have it before me) — we received "orders" from Master "not to 
write" to you, and that it would be in the case we told him so 
a "fabrication of one or both"…

…Indeed, indeed, you must be thoroughly under his [Hartmann's] 
influence yet, since you think and say of your best & truest 
friends, what you do, in this letter to the Doctor!...

…Yet you believed and said anything about us, while we remained 
always true to you, and if Olcott has anything against you in his 
heart, as well as myself — it is only profound sorrow for the loss 
of one whom we have ever regarded as a staunch & true friend. This 
is the difference between us Judge….

You call Damodar a liar. He is a Hindu, a chela, secretive, cautious 
& trembling to say more than he is permitted. Never a purer, nobler 
or more self-sacrificing soul breathed on this earth. . . .

….Beware of Hartmann. Even were you to show or tell him of this 
letter I do not care an halfpenny damn for him, or anyone else. If 
he had known and understood me I would have made an Occultist of 
him. He was & is false to me as to every one else. I would not 
believe, much less trust him on his oath. He believes like Olcott 
used to and you sometimes also that I am usually a "shell" which 
becomes good for something only when some one else enters it. 
Believe what you please. But know that I am ever faithful to my 
friends & remain grateful for the little they may do for me even 
when they become enemies. Oh gods what a dirty world what false 
people! Look at Mrs. Holloway. Do you still admire her?...

…What you mean in your letter to H[artmann]. by saying that you "hit 
upon another little matter which places the leaders in the position 
that either great lies have been told or Mahatmas are absolutely 
useless as guides" — is a mystery to me. What is it that "happened 
in London & involved the reception of numerous letters from both 
Mahatmas" and that Mohini, the Arundales, O. and HPB know all about 
it."?. . . I do not know what you mean. If you are still a friend 
you will write to me & say it; if not do as you like. . . 

. . . Oh, my poor Judge, how deceived & bamboozled you have been 
only neither by O., myself D.K.M. nor any one else but our witty Dr. 
Hartmann! You do not know — though by this time you ought to — what 
a hard, arduous task is probationary chelaship. You have failed once 
before, and still the Master was ready to receive you back. You went 
to Adyar and fell into the snares of a jealous, envious, cunning, 
malicious and wicked man. May the Master — who I know pities you — 
be permitted to forgive your weakness & lack of trust in those who 
have always loved & regarded you as a brother! Were there 
no "Master" would I, after what you say of us and your leaving Adyar 
& us in the lurch, still love you?. . . .

…But you have always mistrusted me. You called me "mean" in one of 
your letters to O. about Wimb. & Sarah Cowles[?] & you have never 
had but half a faith in me. Well, my friendship for you of nine 
years is unaffected by all this. May the Powers that be grant you 
peace & happiness, is the sincere wish of yours ever.

                                            H.P. Blavatsky

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