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Carlos & HIS advice: Re: Help the Movement Go Ahead?

May 02, 2006 02:19 PM
by danielhcaldwell


In your email below and several previous ones, you show
what your own agenda is.  That's fine.  More power to you.  And I 
use the word agenda in a positive way.

But as far as I know you don't speak for the whole theosophical 
movement.  Do you?  As far as I know, no one particular person
does.  Do you speak for the Mahatmas?

I have my own agenda as I am sure other people have their own

Now I am going to pursue mine whether you like it or not and whether
you jump up and down and make all the noises you want about how bad 
I am or that I should stop this that or the other and pursue instead 
what YOU THINK I should pursue.

Make me out to be the worst person around, do whatever, but I will 
continue with my own agenda regardless.

I do believe that you mean well, that you are a sincere student of 
theosophy, etc. but you seem to have this strange perception or 
attitude that you know what is best for other people, that you know 
what other people's thoughts, emotions and motivations are, etc. 
etc. etc.

If I want to deal with personalities and the historical conflicts, I 
will continue to do that.

Last time I checked you were not in control of the world or of the 
Theosophical movement or ......... 

Too much said.


--- In, "carlosaveline" 
<carlosaveline@...> wrote:
> Frank,
> There is no reason to keep repeating thge forged letters against 
HPB after the SPR admitted the only FRAUD was made by themselves 
against HPB.
> Yet Daniel still does that. 
> And look at the way Daniel tries to sow dissent between the ULT 
and the Pasadena TS, etc, with numberless gossips around 
personality's opinions and words.  Theosophy is wider than that. 
> I have the hope Daniel will renew his agenda, drop the lies  and 
help the movement go ahead.  
> Regards,  Carlos. 
> Cópia:
> Data:Mon, 1 May 2006 22:30:59 +0200
> Assunto:Re: Theos-World An Invitation to Daniel Caldwell
> > >I invite you to abandon lies, slanders, and any 
> > >efforts to sow division, doubts, skepticism and 
> > >hatred among theosophists and theosophical 
> > >groups.
> > 
> > Carlos, it is new to me that Daniel spreads lies 
> > and slanders.
> > Can you specify this?
> > 
> > I never saw that he sow division, scepticism and 
> > hatred.
> > What an Orwell double-speak is it?
> > 
> > To quote from ULT sources is not lying and slander 
> > but information.
> > To attack hypocricy and cant is not sow division.
> > To investigate wrong information or lies is not 
> > hatred.
> > 
> > HPB did the same things.
> > If you attack Daniel for asking serious and 
> > understandable and even necessary question then 
> > you must attack HPB, too.
> > Or as the Paris Lodge in 1887 did, make a move to 
> > excommunicate her - posthumous.
> > Frank 
> > 
> > 

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