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Re: Visionaries,visions, hallucinations and imagination

May 02, 2006 10:24 AM
by Vincent


I'm not one to claim that I speak with ascended masters, but I have 
encountered a myriad of ghost entities (many hundreds at least) 
during my travels upon the astral planes.  Suffice it to say that 
most supernatural experiences (99%) that people have are distorted by 
dream material which is projected onto them.  When the physical brain 
is not acclimated to the supernatural realm, it remains 
materialistically focused, and therefore dreams.  However, when the 
brain's materialistic dependencies cease for a time, then the dream 
imageries also cease, and a person is capable of percieving directly 
into the supernatural realm without skew.

Hallucinations and dreams are triggered by the brain's failure to 
reconcile higher supernatural experience with the lesser material 
reality.  In other words, if the brain cannot accept a supernatural 
experience, it will most definitely project hallucinogenic/dream 
images onto it.  For example, an unknown ghost entity may literally 
appear to a person from the supernatural realm, but if the brain 
cannot accept the supernatural experience, the brain will invariably 
colorize the event with imageries of Michael the Archangel or Jesus 
Christ.  Whatever is familiar to the individual.



--- In, Jerry Hejka-Ekins <jjhe@...> wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> I posted this message about twenty days ago and, for some reason, 
> failed to go to distribution.  So, for Cass (you asked in the first 
> place) and others who might be interested in the subject, I am 
> re-writing and reposting it as a new discussion string. 
> Dear Cass, Friends,
> Cass, I'm not sure that visions for their own sake are all that 
> interesting for a third party who does not actually experience 
them. In 
> my case, I don't see beings on Mars or talk to ascended Masters.  I 
> think that people experience a variety of different kinds of visual 
> mental phenomena that originate from a variety of states of 
> consciousness that all people can potentially achieve.  What the 
> actually relate in their experiences has, I think, more to do with 
> "reality" they attribute to it.  For instance, I recently had 
> entertained a visitor who trained for many years with a Brazilian 
> spiritist from the Kardec school.  For a couple of hours she 
related to 
> me various visions she had.  She told me in total seriousness of 
> meetings and conversations with the Archangel Michael and other 
> celestial celebrities.  While she was telling me these things, I 
> to myself: "now if she were from India and had the same 
experiences, she 
> would probably be telling me of her meetings with Krishna etc. 
> So, I think the visions themselves are less important than the 
> they point to for the person who has the experience.  That is 
> the insights seem always to be around some personal context. That 
is, we 
> experience certain things precisely because of there meaning to us, 
> because of our need to see them.   For instance, I have had several 
> people tell me of a time when they were in deep despair and 
a "Master" 
> appeared in their room.  Was the appearance physical; an astral 
> projection; a waking dream?  That would be hard to determine.  
> the importance of the vision is the meaning it conveys, or the 
> reassurance it gives to the person at the time. 
> Another kind of vision is what I would call a waking lucent dream.  
> is, the person is completely awake and aware of the actual 
> yet is experiencing a vision of a place somewhere else with all of 
> sounds, smells, sensations etc. associated with it. These kinds of 
> experiences sometimes occur in meditation.
> Others fall into the clairvoyance category.  There is a story that 
> Swedenborg, while visiting in a distant town, clairvoyantly saw his 
> town on fire.  He described to the other guests the progress of the 
> and which buildings burned.  The accuracy of his vision was 
confirmed in 
> a newspaper story that appeared a couple of days later. 
> Other phenomena I have seen includes telepathy.  About 35 years ago 
> used to  work in an open setting Community Mental Health Center in 
> Angeles.  There, I ran into several patients who were remarkable 
> telepaths, and would give voice to things that I was thinking.  
> were others who heard voices.  They believed that God, or angels, 
> departed spirits were speaking to them. 
> Another phenomena I have witnessed is the presence of entities of 
> kind amidst extremely pathological situations.  Some people seem to 
> particularly good a drawing such entities and are surrounded by 
> most all of the time. 
> There are other things too, but this might be enough to start off a 
> discussion. What other kinds of phenomena have you witnessed? In 
> phenomena, what might be the difference between spiritual and 
> visions, hallucinations and imagination.  How are these elements 
> different, and how do they interact? 
> I hope this helps.
> Best
> Jerry

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