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Re: Leadbeater and the Full Moon of May

May 02, 2006 04:04 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

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> Yet I believe that Adyar TPH did issue an "abridged" version of it, 
> leaving without CWL's fanciful description of "Wesak's Festival". 

I have this book published by TPH Adyar in 1990's and it still has 
descriprion of the rite though misses some other parts. The logic 
which editors used isn't clear. It also has the big color 
plate "Vesak valley". I don't remember the exact date of printing as 
I haven't the book with me now but it is surely after 1980.

> It is said that Mrs. Radha consulted with a high Tibetan lama about 
> that "famous ritual" and the answer was -- there is nothing about > 
> that.

She could receive exactly the same answer about most other things 
described in the theosophical literature from Mahatma Letters and 

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