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May 01, 2006 04:16 PM
by Cass Silva

carlosaveline <> wrote: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

This  statement add extra strength to H.P.B.�s own declarations in the same direction.  Yet, in the last few lines of  the second volume of �The Secret Doctrine�, the �Old Lady� announced that the actual publication or not of volumes III and IV would �entirely depend� on the reception given to volume I and II by Theosophists and Mystics. 
Such a reception seems to have not been good enough.

Cass: Don't agree with your argument here Carlos, as the manuscript had been given to Annie Besant to arrange for it to be printed.  The Secret Doctrine V1 and 11, I believe were positively critically reviewed at the time.
Volumes III and IV were destroyed or �withdrawn�  by the author (or rather Authors), as suggested in the Preface of �The Secret Doctrine�, facsimile edition published in 1947 by  �The Theosophy Co.� HPB left the physical scenario in May 1891 through an unexpected death out of an influenza with respiratory complications.

Cass: As you say earlier in a post, the timing of HPB's passing would have been known by herself and the masters.  Perhaps another test for AB's loyalty to the teachings of the society?
Yet in 1897 Mrs. Annie Besant came up her own �third volume�, an  ilegimate volume. In a  significant step ahead, the very Adyar Theosophical Society later abandoned  Besant�s edition of  �The Secret Doctrine�. 

Cass: It appears then that AB did this of her own volition.  As I said previously, it may have contained truths which ran contrary to Liberal Catholic thinking at the time, as did, I imagine the Holy Grail (the gnostic bible) which was surpressed by the Papacy and formed the basis for the power base for the French Knight's Templars.   
On Besant�s �third volume�, we have the revealing testimony of Mrs. Alice Cleather, a disciple of Blavatsky�s who stayed away from power politics and loyal to her teacher.  
After mentioning that  A. Besant claimed to have been in charge of �safeguarding�  H.P.B�s texts for the third volume, Mrs. Alice Cleather added: 
�Those who were responsible for the so-called Volume III, had a strange  and unusual conception of the meaning of the word �safeguarding�. It so happens that while it was being set up I was able actually to peruse one or  two of  the familiar long foolscap sheets which H.P.B. always covered with her small fine handwriting.  They were mutilated almost beyond  recognition, few of her sentences remaining intact ; and  there were �corrections� not only in the handwritings of the editors, Mrs. Besant and Mr. Mead, but also in that of others which I was able to identify. More than this  I can not say without abusing confidence ; but the  wrong  done to my Teacher compels me to say this much.� (2)                                                                                                                                                                                    

Cass: Mead also maintained the Christian view of Jesus the Nazareth as the Christian Messiah suggesting that Apollonius of Tyana was no prophet but simply a magician.  Reading through AofT's biography, which has been recorded by many scholars at the time, shows clearly that he had all of the natural laws under his command, was ascetic and vegetarian, but was condemned by the early church fathers.  He certainly fit the bill as a Prophet.  I attach correspondence from a friend of mine who is more knowledgeable on the subject.

here's also the fact Apollonius is born a Greek speaking 'Capadocian' and not  a  linguistically challenged Davidic Jew.
  'Capo' means 'head', and 'Dox' means teaching....the place where you might expect  the Head Teacher to come from and not some remote part of the empire like Israel.
  Nobody really gave a hoot about Hebrew or the Jews except the Jews themselves [ though Apollonius was highly proficient in Hebrew] . Afterall he became Master of the Nararite sect in Nazareth.  So maybe he's an exception, caring for the Jews as well as everyone else. 
  You have to be your own spiritual detective here. 
  Only he had the means, the contacts in the Roman government, and contacts in all the various branches of the Order worldwide..... to travel, learn about world cultures and philosophies, perform miracles [and psychic feats] everywhere as he did. 
  And only he had the right language to do it with... Greek....the lingua franca of his time. This fictional Jesus character was linguistically challenged and could never amount to anything save a good carpenter working being about his father's business working in his own neck of the woods.
  Even most of the Romans in this time spoke Greek more so than that places Apollonius at a  distinct advantage to become what amounted to a teacher who could approximate being a World Avatar. 
  Apollonius went to India, to Rome, to Egypt where he spoke Greek.. with the Greek speaking Gnostics in Egypt [ the Gymnosophists].
  You can't fault HPB.  Other Orders are also somewhat schizophrenic on this matter.  Part of my mission as a healer  in life  was to cure them of their schizophrenia, get them to get their act together and get it straight, become logically consistent.  
  I once wrote Brother Kieninger [ Frater Primus of the New Age...and asked him if he took seriously his view on Jesus which was as one might say...logically inconsistent, 
  What I  was suggesting to Brother 'K'  was that the Brotherhood was pulling a RUSE.  that they really didn't want to teach the world and  Grey Occult types that infest this planet the truth,    but  that somehow the 'Story of 'AU' got Out' .. He declined to comment.   
  HPB did not have the benefit of the  Spiritual Accounts included in 'A[ntiquity] 
  U[nveiled]'  to help her along as do we.  So don't fault her.  She was at a distinct disadvantage; however,  I'm sure what she did know was that almost all that was written about Apollonius was systematically destroyed by the Holy Mother, that is Holy Mother the Church.
  She knew that if  the Holy Mother  went to such efforts to destroy all traces of this Master's life,  something wasn't Kosher, and he couldn't be all that ! 
  Most certainly Apollonius of Tyanas wasn't Kosher.  

Don't know what is going on with my computer as the translation seems to be coming screwy.

Peace in our lifetime


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