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An Invitation to Daniel Caldwell

May 01, 2006 10:37 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Daniel,

These (see below) are old gossips, aren't they?  

The important thing is that trees can be known by their fruits, as HPB wrote, quoting the New Testament. 

What is the purpose of sowing dissent between Pasadena TS and the ULT? 

What is the agenda behind this constant effort?

These were difficult years.  People had to follow their hearts in situations which kept changing -- and changing for the worse. So their positions had to change as events changed. 

Besides, no one was perfect.  But the sincerity of those theosophists allow us now to have a growing worldwide body of students, linked to Pasadena TS, to the ULT, to the ETS, or independent (besides some of them still linked to the Adyar TS), who understand and LIVE as much as they can the HPB/Masters teachings. 

I invite you to abandon lies, slanders, and any efforts to sow division, doubts, skepticism and hatred among theosophists and theosophical groups.

Best regards,  Carlos.


Data:Sun, 30 Apr 2006 10:17:09 -0000

Assunto:Theos-World Robert Crosbie: "...Katherine Tingley...was appointed by William Q. Judge...."

> Robert Crosbie stated: "...Katherine Tingley...was appointed by 
> William Q. Judge...."
> ---------------------------------------------
> In the 1923 edition of the pamphlet titled "The United Lodge of 
> Theosophists: Its Mission and its Future" and issued in Los Angeles, 
> California by the Theosophy Company, the anonymous ULT writer tells 
> his readers:
> "During all the troublous period 1893-6 Mr. [Robert] Crosbie SHARED 
> to an extend UNKNOWN and undreamt of by others in the burdens and 
> the CONFIDENCE of Mr. [William Q.] Judge." p. 6. Caps added.
> In 1919 another anonymous ULT writer stated that:
> "[Mr Crosbie]. . . was for many years the devoted and CLOSE 
> Companion of William Q. Judge. . . ." Theosophy magazine, 1919, 
> Volume 7, page 320. Caps added.
> IF the above Theosophy Company/ULT statements are historically true 
> and correct, then was it this SHARED CONFIDENCE and CLOSE 
> COMPANIONSHIP with Mr. Judge that allowed Mr. Crosbie to state the 
> following????
> (1) ". . . Katherine Tingley . . . was appointed by William Q. Judge 
> as his successor. . . ." Quoted from an April 1, 1901 Public Address 
> by Robert Crosbie (reprinted in the pamphlet In Honor of William Q. 
> Judge, 1901.)
> (2) "We feel that he [William Q. Judge] knows of the self-
> sacrificing efforts made by the faithful ones, and that those 
> efforts have been called forth by his chosen successor [Katherine 
> Tingley], of whom he [Judge] said [in his occult diary], 'she is 
> true as steel, as clear as diamond, and as lasting as time.' " May 
> 1902 Public Talk by Robert Crosbie
> Let us compare Mr. Crosbie's testimony here with that of another 
> trusted associate of William Judge. 
> Julia Campbell Ver Planck (later Mrs. Archibald Keightley) was a 
> well known Theosophical writer under her pen name "Jasper Niemand" 
> and the compiler of the two volumes of W.Q. Judge's Letters That 
> Have Helped Me. 
> It can certainly be said of Julia that she also shared the 
> confidence of Mr. Judge.
> Below is what she wrote in 1896 about Mr. Judge and Mrs. Tingley: 
> ". . . It is well known to members of the Inner Council in America 
> and Europe that the present Outer Head [Mrs. Katherine Tingley] has 
> for two years past assisted Mr. Judge in the inner work of the 
> School as his associate and equal.. . . . For myself, I may say that 
> as early as June, 1894, Mr. Judge told me of the standing of the 
> present Outer Head in the school, and spoke of her work at that time 
> and for the future. I am one among several to whom he so spoke 
> himself. Of his appointment of the present Outer Head [Mrs. 
> Tingley] there is absolutely no doubt; and there is also no doubt of 
> her entire ability to fill that appointment; or of her right to it; 
> or that it came from and was directed by the Master. . . . " [The 
> Search Light (New York), Volume I, May 1898, p. 30.]
> One notices here that Julia, in effective, confirms Mr.Crosbie's 
> statements quoted earlier.
> In regards to Crosbie's statement about Tingley being Judge's 
> successor and also Crosbie's quoting of Judge's comments from his 
> occult diary --- one should compare Crosbie's statements with the 
> following testimony by another Theosophist:
> ". . . Robert Crosbie assured me that he [Judge] had [appointed 
> Katherine Tingley as his successor] and [Crosbie] also told me he 
> had seen Judge's occult diary in which it was so stated. 
> ". . . Later Crosbie came to me after he had left Point Loma [in 
> 1904] and said that she never had been appointed by Judge. I 
> recalled to him that he had said after Judge's death [in 1896] when 
> he returned to Boston that he [Judge] had [appointed Tingley] and he 
> denied it. . . ." 
> C.F. Willard, The Canadian Theosophist, March 15, 1932, pp. 16-17. 
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