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Re: Theos-World ARAB WISDOM

Apr 30, 2006 01:57 AM
by M. Sufilight

Allright Carlos.
Yet we have to understand Master Morya's view:
--- The Master Morya letter --- Received Allahabad, 3rd March, 1882. ---

"You know K.H. and me -- buss! know you anything of the whole Brotherhood and its ramifications?
The Old Woman is accused of untruthfulness, inaccuracy in her statements. "Ask no questions and
you will receive no lies." She is forbidden to say what she knows. You may cut her to pieces and she
will not tell. Nay -- she is ordered in cases of need to mislead people; and, were she more of a natural
born liar -- she might be happier and won her day long since by this time. But that's just where the shoe
pinches, Sahib. She is too truthful, too outspoken, too incapable of dissimulation: and now she is being
daily crucified for it. Try not to be hasty, respected Sir. The world was not made in a day; nor has the tail
of the yak developed in one year. Let evolution take its course naturally -- lest we make it deviate and
produce monsters by presuming to guide it. "

An important statement.
The Seekers needs to overcome the shadows of maya.

M. Sufilight

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Sufilight, Friends,

I want to share something from the Arab tradition, on friendship and sincerity:

"Among the friends, I accept with tolerance the one who has a failing, a limitation. I do not forgive the liar, though. To me, lying, being false, is a failing which turns useless all his other positive qualities; which reduces all his virtues, and destroys everything which is valuable in his being".

Ibn Hasm al-Andaluzi (1)

These words may seem to exaggerate things, but they don't. The great danger to liars is that by being untruthful they cause deep damage to their own Antahkarana, the connection with the higher self.

Hence HPB and the Masters say being truthful is of utmost importance.


(1) Translated from "A Sabedoria dos Árabes", Seleção e tradução de Ary de Mesquita, Ediouro/Tecnoprint, RJ, 1986, 114 pp., see p. 52.


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