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Re: Theos-World Carlos: "Alice Cleather was a direct disciple of HPB's....."

Apr 29, 2006 03:45 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Mrs. Cleather's opinions and observations are not always trustforthy, esp. if it comes to Judge and Tingley.
It seems that she had crystallized thought forms and hard-and-fast dogmatic ideas about the behaviour and work of a messenger of the Masters.
Only one example about KT:

=>special and mysterious person.  She was then the directing 
intelligence behind the scenes of all he did, culminating in the 
fatal division in the T.S. which was then decided on.  

Although it is true that KT was the helping hand in the background for Besant's expulsion from the ES and the Boston convention, where the original TS of 1875 split organizational away from its exoteric Headquarters in Adyar, it seems to be wrong to regard this as "fatal". Cleather seems to intermix cause and effect. The split between the esoteric HQ in New York and the exoteric HQ in Adyar was already executed by Olcott and Besant. They have created facts which could not be ignored anymore. HPB and Masters stated several times that there may come circumstances to close sections or the whole TS, when it takes a wrong course. 
It is most likely that the Masters themselves were involved in the "fatal split" to save as much as possible. They were also instrumental active in the outbreak of the Coloumb conspiracy, stopping Hartmann to kick the Coloumbs out, before the scandal broke out. 

Let's hear what von Purucker says about this case:

"I regret exceedingly to have to state that in my judgment the Theosophical Movement in general has failed in the past properly to understand these matters, my Brothers. Consequently, trouble and anxiety naturally came when what we know as the split in the Society took place at H. P. B.'s death. I do not desire to go into those painful details of past history which harrow our feelings, especially in this new and promising era of fraternization and attempted interorganizational brotherhood, for you and I and dear devoted hearts everywhere, with our Spiritual Leaders' help, are now trying to reunite these disjecta membra, the separated portions of our Theosophical body corporate commonly called the Theosophical Movement. I don't care to dwell upon these things at present; but nevertheless the split occurred because a failure in the ranks came about. As soon as our beloved Katherine Tingley took office at Brother Judge's death, slowly, little by little, she builded up a new psychology; and when she in her turn passed on, the Theosophical world was in such mental condition that it was ready for this psychology to become more widely current in the minds of Theosophists and to be better understood."

More interesting may be this argument:

"Student -- Would it be right to say that the breaking up that happened to the Theosophical Society was an event in human nature and in times similar to the event that happened to Christianity? Is there any similarity between the two? 

G. de P. -- There is a similarity. This similarity exists in the fact of the breaking into different bodies, into different sects -- because there actually are sects in the theosophical movement today. We have to face the truth. We must, Companions, keep theosophy pure, broad, deep, generous, and ourselves be great-hearted and forgiving in our work. We must do Masters' work! 

But there is this difference in the parallel which you have drawn between Christianity and the modern theosophical movement. In our own theosophical movement, comprising all these various Theosophical Societies today, the break-up into these various Societies was deliberately engineered. Why? Because the teachers knew that if certain ones were not called out, called apart -- I mean certain ones who could be depended upon -- they would be swallowed up, lost, in the welter of religious and psychical superstition which had already begun to invade the theosophical movement before Judge died. Do you understand me?"

The Masters allowed that the "fatal" split was engineered???
Or is the split regarded by Judge, Tingley and Purucker rather as an ***emergency operation?***
If so, KT's autocracy with absolute leadership would make sense and to be regarded as the right administration for the right time as the only means to defend against a mighty enemy.

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