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Basic Ideas of Theosophy

Apr 29, 2006 01:43 PM
by danielhcaldwell

"Basic Ideas of Theosophy"

by Geoffrey A. Farthing

"The field of Esoteric Science [Theosophy] is as vast as life 
itself, for it embraces the whole of Nature, visible and invisible. 
Nevertheless, the more one advances in its study, the more one 
recognizes that this limitless scheme of things, though 
having 'neither conceivable beginning nor imaginable end,' is an 
orderly, integrated whole, in which every part is intimately related 
to every other part. It may be compared to a wheel in which the hub, 
spokes, and rim, although distinctive in form and function, are 
inseparable parts of one whole. It follows that the student may 
begin his exploration from any point he chooses; sooner or later, he 
will reach every corner of the field."

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