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Re: Theos-World Inner Teachings

Apr 29, 2006 10:45 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Carlos, I agree with what you say here.
In Besant's organization not only blind belief in 
the alleged second coming of Christ was a must, 
but also to accept the King of England as their 
highest authority.
All these perversions are not coming from HPB's 
spiritual Masters, but from wordly rabbis in 
Paris. Papus, Solovyov and Steiner were also 
influenced from this dark French masonic craft.
One of their lies, which was promoted by Steiner, 
was that the kali yuga has ended in 1897. The 
background of this perversion is of course to lull 
to sleep the warriors of the white side.


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Subject: Theos-World Inner Teachings

Dear Friends, Frank,

The tradition of  "private circulation of texts", 
of  inner or esoteric teachings, dates from 
ancient India, Greece, Egypt.  And appears in the 
NT, when Jesus subscribes such a policy.

It has a very simple purpose: to work with people 
who are willing to take the teachings 
 seriously -- as the material can only be useful 
to those who will TRY to apply it in their lives.

In this,  Theosophy coincides with William James' 
philosophy,  "Pragmatism".

Ideas make sense inasmuch they enhance life and 
preserve the autonomy of living beings.

So the practical purpose of a school, be it 
exoteric or otherwise, is to give people elements 
to change their lives for the better -- without 
extracting blind obedience vows as the ones A. 
Besant's school and her Liberal Catholic Church 

In AB's E.S., in 1912, the vow taken by members 
included faith in the Second Coming of the 
Christ.... through Krishnamurti.  This is the "eye 

The commitment made at lower levels of 
consciousness becomes a prisoner of words and --  
of  outer "authority".



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Assunto:Re: Theos-World What is sauce for the 
goose is sauce for the gander??

> Daniel, I do not think that HPB meant that her
> esoteric information should be held private up 
> to
> the end of the seventh round.
> Withholding of esoteric information is only 
> meant
> for a certain period of time, when the general
> mankind has developed a little bit to understand
> it.
> One period of time was over in 1897. It is not
> impossible that Annie Besant was right to 
> publish
> some of the E.S. information.
> Another question would be if she did it well,
> including "correct" true information in the vol.
> III if compared with the "Wurzburg" manuscript
> (which I personally believe not)
> And we have not the original manuscript (except
> the Wurzburg parts), the bulk of it which AB,
> according to Boris de Zirkoff, has had in her
> hands and went with it to an unknown place.
> Perhaps in that connection it might be of 
> interest
> that the German branch which HPB founded here 
> was
> named TS Germania (and not TS Germany).
> The Germania is the goddess which protects 
> Germany
> and stands for her unity (which the Jesuits try 
> to
> destroy, as HPB writes elsewhere, as the SJ were
> founded with the goal to dissiptae her, which 
> they
> did in two 30 years wars (resulting in the
> so-called "peace treaties" of Westfalia and of
> Versailles and its dissipations).
> From all bombed towns during WWII Wurzburg was
> relatively the most destroyed city: 96 per cent 
> of
> Wurzburg's houses were destroyed.
> The German army signed the surrender on White
> Lotus Day, May 8th, the day of HPB's death. It 
> was
> also the death of Germany and was dissipated 
> anew.
> We are not able to decide whether Besant was 
> right
> or wrong so long as we do not have and 
> understand
> the esoteric rules if and when which document or
> information can or must be published.
> Reading the introduction of the late W. Emmett
> Small of von Purucker's E.S. Instructions, one 
> can
> asume that such rules exists in the inner world.
> The Buddha was accused of having make public the
> esoteric doctrines of the Brahmans, also Jesus 
> was
> accused of making public the esoteric doctrines 
> of
> the Essenes. Also Katherine Tingley was accused,
> when she gave out information of the Lodge's 
> work
> over messengers coming from Shamballa (rejected 
> by
> the ULT as Crosbie accepted only HPB and WQJ as
> messengers).
> Also von Purucker was accused, when in 1929 he
> began to give his pupils new esoteric tenets,
> which certainly HPB also knew (as the doctrine 
> of
> the inner and outer rounds, etc., rejected by 
> the
> ULT).
> Frank
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> Subject: Theos-World What is sauce for the goose
> is sauce for the gander??
> What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the
> gander??
> When I publicly posted some extracts from one of
> HPB's Esoteric
> Instructions, you wrote me that you strongly
> protested my posting of
> these HPB quotations from an "esoteric" or
> "private" document.
> You also suggested that such "posting" did an
> "injustice" to the
> Mahatmas.
> Therefore I assume that if other writers besides
> me did something
> similar that you would ALSO object if not
> "protest" to a quoting of
> this esoteric material, right?
> If your answer is yes, then I call your 
> attention
> to the following:
> Read more at:
> Daniel
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