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Re: Theos-World Kennewick Man

Apr 28, 2006 00:47 AM
by Cass Silva

I agree Chuck, we can see further examples, in the long necks of some African tribes.    Could Kennewick Man be Lemurian?
  What the experts were able to ascertain from their brief encounter with Kennewick is that he did not look like a Native American. In fact, Berryman says Kennewick’s facial features are most similar to those of a Japanese group called the Ainu, who have a different physical makeup and cultural background from the ethnic Japanese.   
  Some Ainu’s facial features appear European. Their eyes may lack the Asian almond-shaped appearance, and their hair may be light and curly in color. However, this does not mean that Kennewick Man necessarily was European in origin. His features more closely resemble those of the natives of the Pacific Rim than those of Native Americans. 
 Berryman, a fracture expert who was trained in the fine art of picking apart dead people at the University of Tennessee’s “Body Farm,” also documented three types of bone breaks in Kennewick—fractures that were suffered in his lifetime and then healed, fractures that happened after his burial, and fractures that occurred when the skeleton was eroded from the riverbank. 
 Part of a spear had remained lodged in Kennewick’s right hip bone at a 77-degree angle, but, remarkably, the spear did not cause his death. The cause of his demise remains a mystery. What is known is that this athletic, rugged hunter suffered many physical traumas before finally expiring in his mid-to-late 30s. wrote:  
In a message dated 4/27/2006 11:10:48 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

It is  theorized by scientists that these skulls were 
shaped through ancient  Mayan practices, but it hasn't actually been 
proved by them to be the  case.

The proof is absolute!  We have artwork from the Mayans showing them  doing 
This alien business is nonsense.
Chuck the Heretic

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