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Belief In The Bloody Bible

Apr 27, 2006 09:03 PM
by Vincent


Who specifically are the 'masters' and are they ethical?
The 'masters' that I've found in written texts mostly go back to the
Bible.  I'm speaking of miracle workers such as Jesus, Moses and
Elijah, Peter and Paul.  Some of these are reported as having raised
the dead or ascending itno heaven themselves.  Metaphysical masters.

But were these masters completely ethical?  The miracles of Moses
were mostly of a destructive nature, bringing ten plagues on the
Egyptians, and perhaps ten more on his own Israelites.  Further, he
and his immediate succussor Joshua were propagators of genocide,
exterminating six nationalities from the face of the earth.  And the
very angels of heaven which backed him, according to biblical
testimony, were also quite violent and genocidal.

Likewise Elijah, who reportedly ascended directly into heaven,
bypassing physical death, also slew people with supernatural fire
from the sky.  Despite resurrecting a dead boy, according to the

Peter and Paul of the New Testament are also biblically recorded as
each having resurrected the dead, and yet enforced harsh cultural
legalisms on women in their day.



It may even be asserted that the gods of ancient mythology may
actually have been immortal beings that once walked the earth prior
to recorded history as we have it today.  But did these
ancient 'gods' also practice good ethics?  Or were some of them
bloody and violent as well?

Now I suppose that there are different types of mastery available
within the human potential, each with their own jurisdictional
spheres.  One is a master of accounting, another a master at sales,
another a master of corporate management, another a master of
artistry, literature or dance.  Still others are masters of ethics
but not wisdom, psychic mastery but not physical athleticism.
Whatever it may be.



Here is the most basic breakdown of biblical text structure, with 
minor deviations contained

1. Genesis to Esther (Historical Old Testament)
2. Job to Malachi (Metaphorical Old Testament)
3. Matthew to Acts (Historical New Testament)
4. Romans to Revelation (Metaphorical New Testament)

The Bible is subdivided into these four basic classifications by the
original canonizers, with minor exceptions contained in the
subsections of each.

I would even assert that the book arrangements could be reordered as

Book One: Historical (Genesis to Esther; Matthew to Acts) containing
a chronology of historical events.  Often used for historical
teaching formats.  Good for visual learners with emphasis on
application versus interpretation.

Book Two: Metaphorical (Job to Malachi; Romans to Revelation)
containing a series of prophecies, poems, teachings and metaphors.
Often used for topical teaching formats.  Good for auditory learners
with emphasis on interpretation versus application.

If we utterly eliminated the differentiation between the Old and New
Testaments, we would instead have this format of a historical volume
(Genesis to Esther and Matthew to Acts) and a metaphorical volume
(Job to Malachi and Romans to Revelation).  The books were concisely
arranged in this fashion by the canonizers of scripture.  The
historical books are arranged according to strict sequential
timelines, whereas the metaphorical books are arranged morese by
size and prominency of author.


I believe the Bible to be both historical and prophetic, although I
do not believe it to be infallible as so many of the Christians do.
I believe it to be a supernatural book and classic literature, yet
one must weed through the great deal of genocidal violence
propagated throughout the Old Testament, for example.  Also, there
are vast cultural restrictions on the female gender in the New
Testament, wherein women are not allowed to speak in church and must
have their heads veiled in public.

According to my own personal intuition, I generally view the Adam
and Eve story to be a combination of truth and metaphor.  In other
words, it's my guess that accounts of the true origin of our species
has been altered.  I speculate that our species descends from 
greater celestial beings.



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