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Carlos totally MISunderstands

Apr 27, 2006 01:45 PM
by danielhcaldwell

I see that Carlos does NOT deal directly
with what I wrote before.  Therefore I
post my message again below with this direct question:

Does Carlos understand NOW that in the following
text he completely MISrepresents what my thesis

Here are his words then followed by my previous post.

Carlos' words:

"It is very convenient to create some speculative or mediumnitic
[??????] story according to which the third volume, which was
announced as almost ready by HPB and her coleagues, was but a myth."

"One more accusation of falsehood against HPB, since she said it was
almost ready?"

Then my comments on them below:
Apparently Carlos has NOT read what is the thesis of my article
on Volume 3 of the SD which can be read at:

The myth that I dealt with in my article
is the myth that the real volume III of the SD
is missing or is not available.

I never said that the 3rd volume itself was a myth!!!

If Bruce MacDonald understands my thesis, please
Bruce try to communicate that to Carlos!!

So contrary to what Carlos is writing, I do
NOT accuse HPB of falsehood at all.  This silly
statement by Carlos is something new to me!!!

Somehow (???) Carlos has totally misunderstood
what I wrote.  I wonder if he even looked
at my article.


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