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Re: The Myth of the "Missing" Third Volume of The Secret Doctrine

Apr 26, 2006 05:37 PM
by robert_b_macd

Thank you Daniel.  I have your article as it was printed in "The
American Theosophist" Vol. 83 sitting on my desk now for a week.   It
seems to be similar in spirit and content to your web version.  Your
argument is persuasive and you appear to stand by that argument if I am
to understand you.  Let us then agree that Volume III is in spirit, if
not in fact, the Volume III that HPB wanted to present to the world. 
The question then that keeps popping into my head is: How does HPB treat
historical figures?  Does she just present a set of facts and ask people
to make up their own minds?  Does she present arguments?  Does she
demonstrate gratitude towards the giants of the past?  Would it be fair
to describe ingratitude as being a good thing?  What does all this mean
so far as our own descriptions of historical figures?   Further, where
would the world be today if there had not been an HPB?


--- In, "danielhcaldwell"
<danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> Bruce writes:
> "Why was that volume pulled?   By all accounts it was ready for
> printing at the same time as Vols I & II."
> Was it pulled???
> Read why it was NOT ready for printing at the same time
> as Vols. I & II in the following essay:
> "The Myth of the 'Missing' Third Volume of The Secret Doctrine"
> See:
> Daniel

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