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Carlos on "Third Volume of SD"

Apr 26, 2006 03:20 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos writes:

The Preface to the Theosophy Co. (facsimile) edition of the SD has 
an interesting view on the disappearance of the third volume of the 

Yes that is true and I quote that "interesting view"
in my Introduction to my essay on the SD Volume III.


And I quote from a number of other sources including from
John Algeo who I believed also had come to erroneous conclusions
about this third volume.

And then I lay out the firsthand testimony of the witnesses 
including HPB and try to tell the real story carefully going over 
the evidence and try to present a reasoned case for my thesis.

I realize this all involves the past which apparently Carlos wants 
to forget but since Bruce made relevant comments about the third 
volume of the SD being "pulled" I thought I would let interested 
readers know that there may be another side to the story not told by 


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