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Alien Skulls

Apr 26, 2006 07:52 AM
by Vincent

Here is a link to actual photos of alien and/or prehuman (archonic) 
skulls, that the scientific community has relegated as being 
deformities, on the sole basis that they don't fit into the 
established theories/doctrines of the orthodox academia.  Scientists 
don't deny that these skulls exist, but they swept them under the 
rug.  The scientific community has not actually provided any proof 
against the veracity of these skulls, but only unsubstantiated 
theories that they may be deformities.  They won't admit the 
possibility that pre-human species of this type once walked the earth.

Your thoughts?  Do you know the strict difference between solid 
evidence versus mere probability?  Can you personally differentiate 
between fact and theory?  Do you know how?



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