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Re: Theos-World Dallas TenBroeck

Apr 25, 2006 08:47 PM
by Mauri

Dallas, I heard you were in a hospital, possibly because of some health
concern or yours (apparently ...), unless I'm mistaken.  Instead of sending
you flowers, candy, balloons, fruit, extra vitamins, pop, juice, newspapers,
recent Theosophical discussions, magazines, books, laptop computer, note
paper, pen, pencil, satellite phone/computer link, radio, ear phones,
hundreds of Theosophical CDs, a small fridge stocked with beer, wine and
goodies, etc, (which might be the kinds of items you might have expected to
get ... or did I miss something ...?), I have decided to send you my best
wishes. If you're wondering why I didn't send all those other things, it's
because ... well, I thought you might want to meditate and rest during your
hospital stay.

Speculatively, but with best wishes,

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