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"...Mr. Judge was really the Master K.H....." ???

Apr 25, 2006 08:41 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Mrs. Alice Leighton Cleather asserts:

"Mrs. Tingley then told me, among other things, that Mr. Judge was 
really the Master K.H.; and Mr. Judge did not discourage this idea 
when I gave him my report of the interview."

I remember years ago first reading this statement and then 
remembering something else that seemed very strange to me.

In "The Ocean of Theosophy" by Judge, we read:

"Devachan is then neither meaningless nor useless. 'In it we are 
rested; that part of us which could not bloom under the chilling 
skies of earth-life bursts forth into flower and goes back with us 
to another life stronger and more a part of our nature than 
before; . . . Why shall we repine that nature kindly aids us in the 
interminable struggle; why thus keep the mind revolving about this 
petty personality and its good and evil fortunes?' (Letter from 
Mahatma K. H. See Path, p. 192, Vol. 5.)"

Quoted fron online edition:

I remember reading this and saying to myself, what K.H. letter is 
that quoted from?  I didn't ever remember these words in the Mahatma 
Letters or in any other KH letter that has ever been published.

Curious about this, I went to Vol. 5 of The Path and found that 
these above quoted words supposedly from K.H. occur as the last 
paragraph of an article titled "Devachan", pp. 190-192, (Sept.-

These quoted words in the OCEAN end the article and are NOT in 
quotes and are NOT attributed to KH but the article is signed W.Q.J.

What this means I have no idea!


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