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Re: Theos-World MKR, Bruce, Chuck and the Movement

Apr 25, 2006 07:58 PM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 4/25/2006 7:50:10 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

Some  discussion is inevitable and even healthy, as Chuck says.    

It is more than that, it is necessary.  Theosophy did not spring from  the 
void, nor did the Angel Gabriel look down on HPB and say, "Get to  work!"  
Theosophy is not something set in stone, depending upon some holy  writ that is 
unchanging and infallible.  It is a process, a continuous  development.  And it 
is not a movement.  The only movement we find in  Theosophy usually comes not 
from the head or the heart but from another part of  the anatomy.  
Ideas have their roots in the experience of those who expound them.   Be it 
the interminable wordiness of HPB, the wackiness of CWL, the sentimental  
lunacy of Annie Besant, the bizarre imaginings of Katherine Tingley etc. All  have 
contributed and all have their weaknesses as well as strengths, foolishness  
as well as wisdom.  But it is only studying the people behind the ideas  that 
we can judge and understand the ideas.
To ignore the personalities of Theosophy would reduce us to despicable  
bibliolators, worshipping the words with no understanding of what produced  them.
Chuck the Heretic

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