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More from G. de Purucker on the True Esoteric Succession of Teachers

Apr 25, 2006 02:40 PM
by danielhcaldwell

More from G. de Purucker on the True Esoteric Succession of Teachers


"If I can only infuse into the membership of our Society all over 
the world, the enthusiasm, the power, the Lodge-force, that is now 
pouring through me, our successes will be unspeakably brilliant! You 
will assuredly receive in time some of this Lodge-force; for as I am 
the intermediary or mediator between the Great Lodge of the Masters 
of Compassion and Wisdom and the general membership of the T.S., and 
more particularly of the E.S.: being the channel through which the 
Lodge-forces pour: so also am I therefore the Teacher, and will hand 
on what I may and can to those who prove themselves fit and ready to 


"I have a very definite policy -- a clear-cut one, which is not my 
own, in a sense, but which has been put upon me as a sacred trust to 
carry out, and which I have taken into my heart and mind and will 
carry out; and therefore in that sense it is my own. Who put it upon 
me? Katherine Tingley. 

"You may know that we have a line of successorship in the 
Theosophical Society which is different from anything else in the 
world. Christianity in its early years had somewhat the same idea, 
which it called and still calls the Apostolic Succession, that is to 
say, that Teacher succeeded Teacher, or Leader succeeded Leader; but 
the spiritual aspect of this true system died out very quickly in 
the Christian Church and in the very early history of that 
ecclesiastical society. 

"But it has not died out among us, and may the immortal gods prevent 
that it ever die out, because it is based on a spiritual fact or 
operation of Nature.... 

"Of course when the Apostolic Succession, as it actually took place 
in the Christian Church, became a mere form, a mere matter of 
election to the office of Teacher, or mere appointment, the light, 
or what there was of the Divine Light, was gone; and consequently, 
the Apostolic Succession in the Christian Church is but a whited 
sepulcher filled with the ideals of men long dead, ideals which have 
left, as it were, but their aroma in the whited sepulcher.... 

"So then, the corner-stone of my policy is the handing on of the 
light: undimmed, pure, and brilliant as I have received it. As I 
have received it, so shall I pass it on."


"There are Theosophists belonging to different societies in the 
world today who are heart-hungry for Theosophic truth, and for 
Theosophic guidance. They crave, they long for, a Theosophical 
Leader and Teacher whom they can trust;... 

"...the stream of Inspiration and Holy Light flows even now with 
undiminished intensity ... Those who have ears to hear, let them 

"Oh my beloved Theosophists! Take heed and listen well! You can 
drink at these Pierian Springs still, if such is your wish."


"The fundamental cause of the trouble and distress in the other 
Theosophical Societies ... is that none, outside of our own, 
recognizes and follows a responsible Teacher and Leader.... 
"The great need of the Theosophical Movement, as contrasted with any 
Theosophical Society, is a living pulsating Heart, and an 
esoterically trained Mind, such Heart and Mind united in a Teacher 
and Leader whom all can trust.... The lack of such a spiritual Head 
accounts for the actual existence of these various Theosophical 

"Were all the Theosophical Societies to recognise one common Head as 
Leader and Teacher, my conviction is that all these troubles and 
intestinal difficulties and squabbles and the internecine war that 
is so frequently waged among them, would vanish as mists before the 

"Of course this is but one way of expressing the fact ... of an 
esoteric succession of authorised and capable Teachers and 

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